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Ever wanted to kick back and enjoy a cold beer with your dog? Well, now you can

Picture it: It’s a hot summer day, the burgers are grilling, you and your friends are kicking back and enjoying an ice-cold beer, but where is your dog? He’s most likely staring at you with puppy dog eyes, looking as sad as ever, and your soul hurts because you’re leaving your best friend out of all the fun. Well, fret not, pet owners, because you no longer have to leave your dog out of your backyard brewski get-togethers.

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Woof and Brew, a U.K.-based company, has answered beer-loving dog owners’ prayers by creating a beer safe for dogs to enjoy called Bottom Sniffer. Now, when I say beer, don’t worry — there isn’t actually any alcohol involved.

Image: Bottom Sniffer

Veterinarians have warned pet owners about the dangers of dogs ingesting beer for years. Dogs’ livers don’t work the way ours do, and they can’t properly metabolize alcohol. To make matters worse, hops is actually toxic for dogs, and if a dog ingests it, they can have some pretty violent reactions that may cause kidney damage.

Bottom Sniffer contains no alcohol, hops or carbonation, but it mimics human beer’s taste and look with chicken flavoring, barley, flax, burdock and dandelion. Not only does the product look and taste similar to human beer, but the dandelion and burdock can actually provide a lot of health benefits to your dog.

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Dandelions are loaded with vitamins A, C, K and D and are a great method of delivering a whole lot of nutrients to your pup. The vitamins and minerals in dandelions can even help support a healthy digestion system and give your pup a boost of antioxidants that will help a doggy immune system stay strong.

Burdock is actually an herb that’s packed with all sorts of nutritional goodies for dogs. It contains calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins and blood-cleansing properties. It is widely used to help dogs with kidney, liver and bladder problems, and can even help regulate blood sugar and aid arthritis pain.

Thanks to Woof and Brew, you no longer have to resist your dog’s pleas to join the party. Combine the nutritional benefits of Bottom Sniffer’s dandelion and burdock with its natural chicken flavoring, and you have one tasty and healthy treat for your dog to enjoy with you all summer long.

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