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3 outfits you’ll actually be psyched to wear to the beach

Katie Mathews

It’s that time of year again: People are stripping off left, right and center and strutting their stuff poolside. It can be extremely intimidating. The daunting thought of revealing your legs (that haven’t seen the sun for nine months) to the world is enough to keep anyone wrapped up in layers on the beach.

We know that no one is really going to be paying that much attention to our bodies, of course, but we’re all different. The one thing that I truly notice about others when I’m on the beach is confidence. Confidence can be the hardest thing to turn on, but it’s also one of the easier things to boost.

If I look after my body just a few weeks before hitting my holiday, the stripping off part isn’t so bad. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not one for dramatic juice cleanses, but doing little things can make all the difference. I always like to save up a little bit of money to pamper myself in the days beforehand. Getting a manicure/pedicure and a spray tan is all the confidence my body needs, but of course gorgeous swimwear is a must to really feel good on the beach. This summer, I’m relying on Simply Be to pull together my beach body and help me feel gorgeous. Here are three pieces that made me excited to spend time by the pool.

1. Comfy cover-up pants

Image: Katie Mathews/SheKnows

Most beach restaurants and bars like you to cover up when you’re eating, so I always like to pack easy-to-wear items that won’t look horrendous after sitting at the bottom of my bag all day. These elasticated waist and ankle bottoms are so easy to wear and are really comfortable for a more relaxed beach day.

2. Detailed one-piece

Image: Katie Mathews/SheKnows

When your cover up is that gorgeous, the swimsuit needs to match, and I love how expensive this black halterneck, crochet costume looks (it’s only £35). For those days when you’re perhaps not feeling as up to showing as much skin as a bikini, a swimsuit is the best choice. The crochet detailing helps the suit sit on trend while the sleek design helps me feel every bit a modern-day-Marilyn.

3. Sophisticated white maxi

Image: Katie Mathews/SheKnows

For those occasions when you want an outfit that’s a little more sophisticated but can still sit in the bottom of your bag all day, this white, button-down maxi dress wouldn’t make me feel out of place on a yacht in the south of France or strolling down the beach in the Maldives (I just need someone to take me now…).

What are your beach confidence boosters?

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Simply Be and SheKnows

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