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10 trendy dog breeds to consider if you want to earn a spot on the cool list

10. German shepherds

If you, unlike me, are already trendy, then you probably have possessions you are proud of, like that new iPhone. The best way to protect your trendy assets while also owning a trendy dog breed is to either sew a secret iPhone pocket into your Yorkie’s sweater or adopt a German shepherd. These dogs are the second most popular breed in America, and while they will probably ruin your designer furniture and fancy clothes with their constantly shedding fur, you will be safe and loved no matter where you go. No one will dare try to steal your purse or break into your home with a GSD on duty.

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What does “trendy” even mean?

Just because a dog breed is trendy does not mean it is the breed for you, and just because your dog’s breed isn’t on this list doesn’t mean that they aren’t actually the coolest dog on the planet. Trends come and go, but a dog’s love never goes out of style.

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Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

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