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10 trendy dog breeds to consider if you want to earn a spot on the cool list

I am not exactly what you might call fashion-forward. There was a brief, shining moment when flannel and hiking boots came into style and I passed undetected under the noses of the hipster fashion police — until they realized that there was legitimate dirt on my boots, hay on my shirt and a faint odor, not of natural essential oils and perfume, but of the barn. When it comes to dogs, however, I know what I’m talking about.

From the dog park to the street, from cafés to hardware stores, on TV and at the end of celebrity leashes, dogs are always in style. Some dogs, of course, are trendier than others. These are the dog breeds that consistently make their owners look stylish no matter where they go or what they’re wearing.

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1. Mutts

Just kidding, mutts aren’t a dog breed. They are, however, the No. 1 most-owned dog in the hippest parts of NYC, which means that if you really want to keep up with celebrities like John Hamm, you should probably adopt a mixed breed dog. Not only will this keep you in style, you will also be helping out a dog in need, which is definitely more important than your ego.

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