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Dad using public bathroom with his kid got a face full of fist

If you don’t think the transgender bathroom hysteria is getting out of control, a dad has reportedly been attacked for taking his daughter into a male bathroom. That’s right — his own daughter. His 5-year-old daughter. Christopher Adams said that both his daughter Emery and his 7-year-old son, Kyler, had to use the bathroom when they were at their local Walmart, so he did what most dads would do and took them both to use the men’s restroom at the back of the store.

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While the family was in the bathroom, a man walked in and, according to Adams, started “freaking out, dropping the F-bomb” — all because 5-year-old Emery was in a men’s restroom. Tempers flared, punches were thrown, and it ended in Adams pinning the other man to the ground until Walmart staff arrived to assist.

Public bathrooms just can’t stay out of the news, it seems.

Target became the first of its kind to take a bold stance against transgender discrimination, stating that its customers would be allowed to use whatever bathroom best aligns with their gender identity. Target’s policy opened the floodgates for widespread panic.

Would men be assaulting young girls and (cis) women in public bathrooms throughout the country? (Um, no. It’s actually way, way more likely that trans women are to be the victims of assault in bathrooms than be the perpetrators.)

There’s an explanation for the backlash, the boycott and the petition demanding that Target revoke its policy, which now has over 1.3 million signatures. (That explanation is transphobia, in case you hadn’t figured it out.)

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But what has that got to do with a father being assaulted in a restroom in another store for having his 5-year-old daughter by his side? On the face of it, absolutely nothing. But it’s proof that this frenzy over who is going to be using what bathroom has reached a level where people do crazy things. On the one hand, people are screaming that transgender people are going to endanger the lives of our kids. Then, when a dad takes his little girl into the bathroom with him to ensure her safety (not from trans people per se, presumably because she’s 5 years old and quite understandably doesn’t want to go into a public bathroom on her own), he gets punched in the face.

Nobody wants to spend more time in a public restroom than they absolutely have to. Is it really that difficult to let people — whoever they are — pee in peace and get the hell out of there and get on with their day?

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By the way, we all have unisex bathrooms in our own homes, and it’s really not an issue.

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