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16 signs you have a younger sister

Whether you jumped for joy when you found out you were getting a little sister or cried tears of outrage, there’s nothing quite like having a little sister to follow in your footsteps (and if they were at all like my own little sister, they followed you everywhere else too). Here’s a few things you can definitely relate to if you grew up with a younger sister.

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1. Whenever a necklace or favorite pair of jeans goes missing, you immediately assume your sister confiscated them — even if she lives across the country.

2. You’re the mother hen of your friend group, always keeping track of purses and making sure no one drives after too many drinks.

3. You’ve tried (and failed) to use, “But I’m older!” as a reason to claim the front seat when traveling with friends.

4. You still feel pressure to act like a role model and do things to perfection, even if your sister is too old to look up to you.

5. You were never that into Barbie or dolls as a kid because you had your very own living doll to dress and experiment with makeup on.

6. You’ve never donated many clothes to charity because your sister still has first dibs on all your hand-me-downs.

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7. You’re not worried about discussing the birds and the bees with your children because you already lived through answering all your sister’s burning questions after your parents tried to give her “the talk.”

8. No matter how late your curfew was in high school, you’re still convinced it was too early, since your parents let her come home later than you did at her age.

9. Years of learning how to share a bathroom and telephone with your sister made you everyone’s favorite roommate in college.

10. You keep your phone on at night and answer every call, even the numbers you don’t recognize, just in case it’s her calling for help.

11. You know where to hide your journal so that no one (not even yourself, sometimes) will ever find it.

12. After years of door-slamming arguments, you now know how to tell someone an outfit isn’t flattering without making it sound like an insult.

13. You can still roll your eyes or stick your tongue out at someone so fast that no one else in the room notices.

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14. As the older sibling, it still falls on you to plan what to get your parents for birthday and holiday gifts.

15. You’re a superstar at doing French braids in someone else’s hair.

16. You have no clue what it feels like to go first while playing Candyland.

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