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We have so many questions about Kelly Ripa’s new favorite cat product

There was a recent segment on LIVE with Kelly that is simultaneously confusing and enthralling us cat lovers. During the segment, Kelly introduced a new cat grooming product called the LICKI Brush. It was created by cat-lovin’ couple Tara and Jason O’Mara, who were looking for a way to bond more with their cats. You know, because scratching them, playing with them and taking countless pictures of them for Instagram just isn’t enough.

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The product does exactly what the name suggests — it allows you to essentially groom your cats the way other cats do — by licking them. Now that you sort of have an image in your minds, here’s a clip of Kelly demonstrating it.
I can never unsee that. Best part of this video hands down is the possessed toy cat that randomly moves, blinks and meows even though Kelly says it has no batteries in it. According to its Kickstarter page, the LICKI Brush is made of a soft silicone that’s meant to resemble an actual cat tongue. As such, when you groom them in this way, you’re having a more intimate experience with your cat because you’re getting onto their level.

As a fervent cat lover, I have some questions for the creators of this… interesting new product.

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1. Why in the world would my cat allow a tongue twice the size of her head to “lick” her?

2. Explain to me how silicone resembles an actual cat tongue.

3. What does the part I put into my mouth taste like? I mean, this should be beneficial to both parties, right?

4. Does there need to be mutual consent to engage in such an activity with my cat, and how do I know if I’ve received it? I can see this ending badly.

5. What if my other cat sees me using the LICKI tongue on his sister? Will he get jealous?

6. Cat tongues are wet. Are you supposed to wet this thing down first?

7. Will my cats hide from me if they see me approach them with this thing in my mouth?

8. Does it come with protective eye wear? I am envisioning several claw-to-the-face incidents.

9. Do you accept refunds?

10. Do you know where I can buy the robotic cat Kelly was using? I think my cats would enjoy that more.

As you can probably tell by now, I don’t think much of this product. Cats have tiny, soft, flexible tongues that in no way resemble the LICKI Brush, so I doubt many will be receptive to it. But all the power to these obvious cat lovers for trying to find new and interesting ways to bond with their cats. Even if the idea they came up with is totally weird, it at least made for one of the funniest LIVE with Kelly clips I’ve ever seen.

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