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I’m 20, and I just want to grow up already

It’s all fun and games when you’re in high school and getting wasted is your main goal every weekend. You love your friends, then you hate them, and you can’t wait for college — but then you get to college, and you realize just how easy life was.

Mom made dinner every night, and you didn’t have to worry about when your laundry would be done, or how you were going to afford paying for simple groceries every week or what you were going to write the biggest essay of your life on.

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Being 20 is such an uncomfortable time in life, where you seemingly live in four different places within four years and are constantly missing people or places no matter what. College takes you away from home and your friends, puts you in a whole new world and gives you a few years to realize that getting wasted or living life so uncomfortably just isn’t that fun anymore.

Adulthood is what comfort is all about. Being 20, I should be scared about the future of book clubs, marriage, parenting and having to pay bills. But the truth is, I’m looking forward to that.

I can’t wait to be able to say I have a career, a family I have raised, a man to go home to and talk about my day with and sleep next to every night, a comfortable house and my own things that I myself have picked out and paid for. No more dorm room furniture and moving out every few months — just a place to call home and the monetary comfort of the working life.

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Not to mention the freedom of not feeling the need to go out and get wasted with friends every weekend. Not that I don’t love my friends to death and need to let loose here and there, but I just wish that, at 20, I didn’t have to feel lame saying I just want to stay in on a Friday and watch Harry Potter with my boyfriend.

These are things most people in their 20s are afraid to do. We all love going out and letting loose here and there, but if we didn’t feel so pressured to do so, I bet most people would take the night in.

One of my favorite articles made light of this whole idea and made me realize that I’m not crazy for feeling this way at 20. I love my youth, and I am by no means trying to rush out of my 20s, but I just want to be able to recognize that the future is going to be where I will be most comfortable and that this ratchet life of college is just temporary. Perhaps going to college in such an urban area has shaped me into this mindset of wanting to be an adult.

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About the author: Bridget Brindley is an aspiring writer living in New York City with a passion for fitness, fashion and all things happy. This piece originally appeared on BlogHer.

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