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10 dog breeds that can be dangerous without proper training

10. Lottatore Brindisino
Very few dogs exist today solely for the purpose of dogfighting. The lottatore Brindisino is one of them. The breed is relatively unknown outside of Italy and is so recently developed that there is not yet an established standard, which makes it more of a type than a breed, but its distinguishing characteristic is aggression. This makes it unsuitable even for experienced dog owners, as its sole purpose is pit fighting and protection.

As any good trainer will tell you, all dogs have the potential to be dangerous, and it is up to us as responsible owners to protect our dogs and other people. The breeds on this list were all bred for a specific purpose, and most are perfectly safe in the hands of an educated owner who understands the breed and their training needs. I have met many dogs from breeds on this list in the veterinary field who defy the stereotypes surrounding them. I have also met quite a few who more than lived up to their bad reputation. In almost every instance, it was the owner who made the difference.

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