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Hey, girl, what’s your zodiac sign? ‘Cause we have the perfect dog breed for you

7. Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Image: Jan/Flickr

Diplomatic, hospitable and peaceful, a Libra is happy when surrounded by friends and family. They are true social butterflies. Libras love to be surrounded by beauty and anything that makes them happy. Libras make friends with people from all walks of life and are always game for something new and exciting. A Libra needs a dog that loves to have fun at any time. Irish setters are happy-go-lucky dogs that can be silly and don’t take themselves too seriously — just like a Libra. Irish setters prefer to breeze through life with ease, nap on the sofa and play when they can, which makes them an excellent match for a relaxed Libra. For a Libra looking for a cuddle partner, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the perfect companion. A Havanese is also a good match.

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