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Hey, girl, what’s your zodiac sign? ‘Cause we have the perfect dog breed for you

5. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Image: 900hp/Flickr

A Leo is a natural leader and is happiest when they are in control and getting lots of attention. They exude confidence and royalty. Their enthusiasm and warm spirit also attract followers. No one can resist a Leo. The perfect dog to match the queenly nature of a Leo is a bullmastiff. This gorgeous dog is brave, affectionate and loyal. The powerful bullmastiff is serious and self-assured. She is afraid of very little, and once aroused will seldom back down — perfect for a Leo. Another good option for Leos are Rottweilers. They can be dominant and need a strong and fearless leader, like a Leo, to balance their authoritative nature.

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