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Hey, girl, what’s your zodiac sign? ‘Cause we have the perfect dog breed for you

10. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Image: Corinne Benavides/Flickr

Capricorns are responsible, patient and ambitious. They are hardworking and like to get the job done themselves. A Capricorn is a strong friend that will always be there to help. The best pooch for a Capricorn is a border collie. The border collie is highly intelligent, affectionate and energetic. They are remarkably hardworking and dependable. Don’t let their work drive fool you, though — they are not opposed to a good cuddle. The border collie is the perfect dog for a hardworking Capricorn. For undeniable loyalty and reliability, boxers and Dalmatians are also great options.

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