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Sometimes my husband treats our dog better than he treats me

I love my husband. He’s selfless and hardworking and he puts his family before himself every hour of every day without hesitation. He’s my rock and my best friend and the love of my life, but there’s still this one thing that I sometimes struggle to cope with regarding our relationship — sometimes he spoils our dog more than he spoils me.

Not that I need spoiling — I definitely don’t, but to see the way my husband treats our dog with such kindness and such care sort of makes me want to gag sometimes. I love our dog; in fact, he was my dog before we got engaged and married, but when the two of them met for the first time, it was undeniably love at first sight.

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Charlie (our dog) is what I consider to be untrainable; I researched and read and practiced and counted to 10 at least 4,000 times during our first few months together, all to no avail. He still pees in the house if he knows no one’s watching, he still barks at butterflies and wakes up my kids while they’re napping and he still jumps (lovingly) on anyone who walks through our door despite my many efforts to train him otherwise. I’ve learned to accept some of his less desirable traits, but I’m a fairly laid-back person. My husband, however, is as OCD as they come; he can’t sleep at night unless the house is in some sort of order, and he cleans better than Mrs. Doubtfire. These are obviously wonderful characteristics to have in a partner, but I was worried when he first met Charlie that he might turn up his nose at my untrainable pup.

Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong about how I thought my then-boyfriend would take to my dog. The first time they met, Charlie decided to sneak into a secluded corner of my husband’s house to conduct his bathroom business privately. Once we discovered the poo in question, I disciplined my dog and apologized to my future husband. He just laughed and grabbed the leash to take him for a walk.

I was dumbfounded.

Was the man who had many sit-down conversations with me about leaving laundry on the floor and dishes in the sink actually OK with my dog leaving rogue poos on his freshly vacuumed carpet? Not only was he not mad about the incident, but he thought it was funny and offered to take my disobedient dog on a walk — was this real life?

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That particular event was merely the first in a long string of my husband forgiving our dog’s behavioral blunders. Those two are thick as thieves now, and not a day goes by that our dog isn’t treated like the miniature king that he is by my husband. That man loves that dog as much as most parents love their kids. In fact, we’ve got two kids, and if there is ever an incident between our dog and them, my husband is very mindful in teaching our children how to properly treat his fur baby.

If I’m being honest, I might actually be a little jealous of the relationship between my husband and our dog. I mean, not all the time, because like I said before, my husband is amazing and I couldn’t possibly be happier with him because, yes, he is that good. But there is still the occasional fleeting moment of envy when I think about Charlie’s unparalleled pedestal.

Charlie frequently gets new toys and gourmet treats; if it’s chilly inside, my husband will swaddle him in a warm blanket so that he’s not cold. He bought Charlie special dry shampoo that makes him smell like a blueberry muffin in between baths, and he gives his big, floppy ears frequent massages. Also, Charlie always gets to sleep in our bed. I mean, our human children have never co-slept with us, but our dog has every day of his life.

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When my husband gets home from work, after he kisses us all hello, he turns to Charlie and I am frequently questioned about his day. “Did you feed Charlie today?” he’ll ask. “What about his vitamin — did he get his vitamin? OK, well, what about his treat? Did you remember that?”

Of course, all of this is nothing to complain about, but rather yet another sign of my husband’s unconditional love for his family, and Charlie is an equally loved part of that. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat a dog. If this is true, what my husband does for our dog speaks volumes about how great a guy he really is. So what if I have to occasionally share my husband’s love with my dog? He smells like blueberries!

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