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One company has undergone a complete makeover and celebs are digging it

When you think of Elizabeth Arden, you probably conjure up images of pearls, old ladies and Grandma’s perfume shelf, right?

Once upon a time, that was pretty spot on, but those days are over. The well-known beauty product conglomerate has undergone a total makeover and is revealing its new social media voice in this new video, showcasing itself as a company that caters to strong, like-minded women.

In a world where women are (unfortunately) still struggling to find their footing, it’s nice to find companies that have our backs. Elizabeth Arden is a company that’s by women, for women, and they’re definitely stepping up their game help to make women feel strong and empowered.

Won’t believe it until you see it? We felt the same way, but with strong female celebs like Chelsea Handler, Iris Apfel, Mia Moretti, Gabi Fresh, Shoshanna Gruss and Karlina Caune leading the way (and the super-sassy video), it’s pretty hard to argue. Notice something all these women have in common? They’re trailblazing females who have carved their own paths in life — something the new Liz Arden hopes to inspire you to do too.

In the video, its star-studded list of friends help fictional character Liz Arden modernize her office to match its new, updated outlook. It has changed everything from the rugs on the floor to the paintings on the walls and the books on the shelves. I mean, it’s hard to not love a woman who has Bossypants and Why Not Me? on display in her office, am I right?

This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden.

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