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5 things that should have royally pissed you off this week

As the old saying goes, “if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” And if you’re not paying attention, you may have missed a lot of opportunities to hold your head in your hands and weep a few tears for the state of the world this week. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but we’re all in this together at least? At least Lady Dynamite premieres on Netflix this weekend? At least it’s almost summer? Yeah, it would all be fascinating if it weren’t actually happening.

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1. Bernie Bros threatened to kill the Nevada Democratic chairwoman

Sanders’ supporters, furious that 60 delegates for their candidate were deemed ineligible at the Nevada Democratic Convention, threw chairs and rained thousands of repulsive violent threats on Chairwoman Roberta Lange and her family. Sanders condemned the behavior but not super-forcefully. As Sally Kohn wrote in Time, “when you see progressive white men — many of whom enthusiastically supported Barack Obama’s candidacy — hate Clinton with every fiber of their being despite the fact that she’s a carbon copy of Obama’s ideology (or in fact now running slightly to his left), it’s hard to find any other explanation than sexism.” 


2. Oklahoma wants to impeach the president over trans people in bathrooms

So last Friday, President Obama instructed public schools that transgender students must be permitted to use the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity. On Thursday, Oklahoma filed a measure calling for Obama’s impeachment over this, and called the bathroom situation an “emergency,” insisting that schools provide a special bathroom for students who claim a religious exemption to the rule. If there’s anything “biblically wrong” about public restrooms, it’s that they’re gross little caves that smell like Elnett, pink marzipan hand soap and hot dog fart and no one will stop peeing on the seat.

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3. Oh, but wait, Oklahoma isn’t stopping there.

Did we mention that Oklahoma also passed a bill this week that would make conducting abortions a felony? Yup — doctors who participate in abortions would get one to three years in the state pen and be barred from practicing medicine in the state. “OOooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain and the government is bigoted and misogynistic” doesn’t have quite the same ring.


4. “Shame, shame, shame”

That’s what Democratic members of Congress chanted after Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy freaked out when legislation was about to pass that would prevent businesses that contract with the federal government from discriminating against LGBT people. So upset was McCarthy that the amendment was about to squeak through 217-206 that he strong-armed Republican House members into reversing their votes and the measure was defeated, 213-212. Ew. Sigh, and ew.


5. Trump, who “loves women,” called Bill Clinton a rapist

Last weekend, the New York Times ran a damning exposé of Trump’s grody behavior with women (“‘I don’t care if she’s sweet,’ Donald Trump said. ‘Is she hot?’…”). Trump is not about to let America forget that Bill Clinton has his own distasteful history with women. On Fox News, when Sean Hannity asked Trump about women’s allegations of Bill Clinton “groping and fondling” them, Trump added, “And rape.” He was, of course, talking about Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of rape in 1999.

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Is Bill Clinton a troubling character? Oh yes. Should we take seriously allegations of his accusers? Yes again. But the fact that, like a wounded animal, Trump is lashing out against Hillary’s husband rather than addressing the allegations made against Trump himself, which demonstrates once again the kind of childish brute we’re dealing with here — the kind of childish brute who could quite easily be elected the most powerful person on Earth.

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