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I’ve gotta admit, this guy choosing his cat as a prom date is kinda genius

Finding a date for the prom can be super stressful. It’s likely one of the first formal occasions you’ll be attending with someone other than your family, so whoever you pick to accompany you should be special. However, if the girl or guy of your dreams is unavailable for whatever reason, don’t despair. Chances are you have a very respectable alternative date right under your nose.

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No, not your sibling — I’m talking about your pet. Now before you start naysaying the idea, check out how one 18-year-old dude from Germantown, Maryland, made it work with his beautiful cat, Ruby.

Since Sam Steingard wasn’t able to find a suitable human date, he decided to ask his best furry lady friend instead. Of course Ruby couldn’t let down her human buddy, so she threw on her best party dress, and the two posed for the cutest prom photo you ever did see.
Out of respect for Ruby’s nerves, they didn’t make it all the way to prom, but their photo sesh more than succeeded in dubbing her best prom date of the year.

Steingard’s story made me realize that there are so many great reasons to bring your pet to prom instead of a human date (totally kidding — but also kinda serious).

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1. They won’t take forever to get ready

Pets don’t need hours to primp before a big night on the town. All they have to do is throw on a dress or a bow tie, depending on what gender they identify with, shake their fur into place, and they’re good to go.

2. They’ll never judge you for scoping out other chicks/dudes

Your pet is the perfect wingman. Since it’s not romantic between you two, they won’t ball you out for scoping other attractive ladies/gents.

3. You can use them as an excuse to ditch out early

If your prom suddenly gets incredibly lame, you can simply say to your friends, “You know, guys, I think Snuggles is getting hungry. It’s time I take her home and feed her her dinner.” Boom — perfect exit strategy.

4. They’ll make you the star of your prom

There’s no better way to become the focal point of your prom than by walking in with an attractive cat or dog on your arm. OK, maybe if you manage to score a famous supermodel, but come on, how likely to happen is that?

5. Your prom photos will go down in history

I refer you to the amazing photo above.

6. There’s no better slow-dancing partner than a pet

You know what’s better than holding someone close to you on the dance floor? Holding someone close to you who wags their tail and/or purrs.

7. They won’t get too drunk and throw up on you

Pets are not fans of the drink. However, if you overfeed them beforehand, a little throw-up could be in your future, so be sure to bring wet wipes.

8. Your parents won’t mind if they spend the night

Actually, they’ll probably be pretty mad if you don’t bring them back home with you.

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