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Women’s biggest fears if Donald Trump becomes president

It looks like Donald Trump will most likely be the Republican candidate for president of the United States. Yes. The host of The Apprentice. The one with the ability to make hate-filled gibberish sound like ideas to a staggeringly growing percentage of the population. While there are some who are die-hard Trump supporters, most people are trying to figure out their plan B in case he actually is elected into office. So of course we turned to our favorite Raging Feminists to ask them…

What is it you’re most afraid of if Donald Trump wins?

There are so many things to be afraid of if Donald Trump wins the presidency. He has been such a voice for people who want to spread hate and bigotry, and that will only grow louder if he becomes president. I can’t imagine the way the rest of the world will hate us, what will become of our international relations. But more urgently, I shudder to think about the people living in this country who will fear for their lives and safety because they will have a president who wants to deport them, who spreads lies about who they are, who stands for racism and won’t condemn the bigots at his rallies or even the KKK. There are so many things to fear. We simply cannot let it happen.” — Sarah Bregel

Nuclear apocalypse.” — Jenny Jaffe

I’m most afraid of being forced to listen to people complain about Trump for four years! If he wins, there is nothing we can do to stop him. Instead of complaining, maybe people can volunteer and stay active in their local government, which affects most of us way more than the federal government does anyway.” — Amanda Lauren

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The thing that frightens me the most about Trump is the fervency of his followers. The fact that the man most people think of as a joke has risen to the point of the presumptive nominee is shocking in the extreme. My largest fear regarding his possible rise to power is that his presence at the helm of our country will embolden factions already flocking to his cause to greater acts of bigotry and terror. I genuinely fear for the safety of fellow LGBTQ Americans as well as people of color should he actually achieve his goal.” — Seraphina Ferraro

The idea of Trump as president is scary the same way that the idea of a toddler as president is scary. He’s an idiot who is not qualified for the office. And on its own, with our checks and balances, that’s not so terrifying. What I’m most afraid of after Bush/Cheney, the last time we had a gullible moron for president, is not Trump, but whomever he selects as his VP nominee. Because I’m pretty sure they’ll be running the show while The Donald uses the Oval Office for photo ops to sell more shitty steak.” — Seranine Elliot

Aside from the whole woman thing, I’m not sure what to feel about Trump’s presidency. Of course, I don’t have any good feelings about it, but fear plays a huge role in this year’s election, and I am hesitant to express it. I see his president as unfortunately possible, but I have a lot of questions. Could he be impeached? Will the Supreme Court try his immigration policies? Will Congress shut down? Will Trump even make it to inauguration if elected? Perhaps it’s not about him winning, but instead what will happen after he does.” — Danielle Corcione

I’m afraid of so much. I’m definitely afraid for Muslim friends. But I’m afraid for all of us. I’m pretty sure that Trump is stupid enough to get into some sort of nuclear pissing match with another world leader and bring about the extinction of the human race. On the other hand, I did announce publicly that I’m single and open to marrying foreign nationals to escape, so I’ve been meeting lots of interesting people online.” — Shaindel Beers

I don’t think there’s any chance that The Donald will win the presidency, but if (God forbid) he does, I am most afraid of what that means in terms of who we really are, as people, as a society. The fact that he’s made it this far is a total indictment of North Americans. The worst kinds of people aren’t even bothering to hide their biases anymore. The fact that a person like Trump can thrive proves that, on the whole, we’re just as racist, sexist and horrifically selfish and unethical as anyone ever imagined. We are steeped in human awfulness. It is truly scary.” — Jen Selk

I’m most afraid that Trump will inspire the authoritarian right wing, leading to more racist attacks on black people and on immigrants. His own foulness is bad enough — but he will also inspire foul and violent bigotry in many others if he wins.” — Margaret Corvid

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I’m legit worried about the rising amount of physical violence and terrorism that will be directed against people of color and against immigrants (and any Americans mistaken for immigrants) if Trump wins. But that fear isn’t limited to Trump becoming POTUS; as I wrote at The Establishment (see “Plague 6: Festering Bigotry”), the overly tanned garbage fire has also become recruiter in chief for white supremacist groups, which directly attribute growth in membership to his campaign rhetoric. How much worse will the threats to people’s safety be with Trump in the White House if already on the stump he has encouraged racist violence at his campaign events, refused to denounce violence against people of color done in his name and pretended he didn’t know enough about David Duke and the KKK to renounce their support?” — Jennifer Pozner

I fear a nation complacent in the face of hatred and fear, where people can no longer see the things they have in common in the face of their differences. I also fear for the safety of women and children and anyone who is not already sipping from the well of power and privilege.” — Rachael Berkey

That he will close areas of the internet. That he’ll move the White House to Area 51. That he’ll move the Miss Universe Contest to Congress and that members will gladly volunteer to be judges. That he will regularly confuse North and South Korea. That he thinks he has the power to fire members of the Supreme Court.

I literally cannot contemplate this seriously.” — Soraya Chemaly

Being imprisoned for one of these reasons: my raging feminist political leanings, my daring to be over the age of 30, my tiny rack.” — Kristine Kimmel

My biggest fear about Trump winning is that all those Americans who said they’d move to Canada actually do. I can barely handle visiting my home and native land now; I really hope it doesn’t fill up with folks who make fun of my ‘aboot.'” — Bex vanKoot

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