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How to make a girls’ night in feel like a spa day

Grace Atwood

As we’ve gotten into our thirties, my friends and I have become unabashedly fussy about our skin care routine, so a relaxing girls’ night of face masks and pampering is one of our favorite things. No guys allowed. Most of my friends have husbands and babies, so it’s getting harder to get the group together. But when it happens, there is nothing better. A girl’s gotta unwind, after all!

This time of year, my calendar tends to get a little bit crowded with spring events. The perfect antidote to all of those nights out? A cozy night in with my best girlfriends, our favorite face masks and our favorite white wine.

Here’s how to prep for a girls’ night to remember:

1.Take the time to clean and decorate

To prepare, I’ll give my space a good clean and then prep my apartment with fresh flowers and candles. As I live in a small space, I’ll make sure that the area surrounding my coffee table is cozy and inviting. Pillows on the couch, Moroccan puffs on the floor for extra seating, and a blanket or two (I’m always cold!).

2. Bring plenty of wine

I’ll open a bottle or two of Chateau Ste Michelle’s Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc (keeping a few more bottles in the fridge, just in case) to share with the girls. Their Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect Spring wine. It’s light, refreshing, with just the right amount of citrus notes. It’s also easy to find (most wine stores carry it), and it’s affordably priced. Pro tip: to keep the wine nice and cool, I love this little icicle stopper… it’s such a smart little gadget… it works just as well as keeping a bottle on ice.

3. Keep variety in mind for face masks

In terms of face masks, I will include a variety of products for my friends to choose from as we all have different skincare needs. Detoxifying clay masks are great for oily skin, whereas a hydrating gel mask is great for dryer skin types. Let your friends pick and choose, and be sure to snap a group selfie (This Tula mask is oddly great for selfies… the opaque light blue color photographs incredibly well!)

I hope this helps you throw a relaxing, luxurious night with the girls! You all deserve it.

Image: Grace Atwood/SheKnows

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