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Victoria’s Secret bra commercial makes women with big boobs furious

Anyone with large breasts knows the pain of going into Victoria’s Secret. My breasts have been a number of sizes over the past 25 years thanks to running marathons and having three babies, but I have always been at least a D cup since I was about 16. And the pain of trying to find a nice bra that fits well, looks cute, and costs less than $300 is an ongoing saga. And good, old Victoria has never been my friend.

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Now, a new commercial for the lingerie company is raising even more ire with my big boobed brethern. Why? Because it’s all about the “bralette,” a non underwire, super natural little tank top that no woman bigger than a B cup could ever hope to wear. See below:

It’s cute, right? But it is so unrealistic for women with big boobs. And while I know not every piece of clothing can fit all women equally, this only compounds what most of us already new about the mall lingerie store. Many took to Twitter to complain about Victoria’s Secret’s “small boob bias.” Whether or not you agree that it’s fair to make bras that a good portion of the population can consider, you also have to understand where we big boob gals are coming from.

For years, I would walk into Victoria’s Secret, lured by the promises of lace, pretty colors and matching underwear only to find that the two 34DD bras they had in the whole store were stuffed in the back of the drawer, gathering dust and stretched out from years of shoppers trying them on and then deciding not to buy. They always come in the colors no one wants. Get your lime green boulder holder with purple hearts sewn over the nipples! Don’t like that? Try the yellow bra with orange daisies. Speaking of those obscure, circa 2012 bras, there is never any underwear in the entire store even remotely matching those patterns.

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So what gives, Vicky?

It’s not that I expect every bra to be D+, but if you go into the store, it can start to feel like we are way in the minority. But the average breast size in the US is currently 36C and some say it is getting larger. In other words, there are more of us than you, tiny titted flowers. And yet, everything is seemingly built for you and you alone. How is this fair?

I am now about a 34D or DD, depending on the bra. I know I will never wear spaghetti straps or open backs or go braless for more than five minutes at a time. But it would be nice to be able to walk into a mall lingerie store without feeling like a social pariah for being a bit larger than average in one area of my body.

Memo to Victoria’s Secret: Go home. You are drunk.

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