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Blogger puts Donald Trump firmly in his place over abortion comments

One of Australia’s most prolific bloggers has reached out to U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump in response to his latest misogynistic statement about women.

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During a discussion with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Trump said that should abortion become illegal, women who get them should be “punished.” He later tried to backtrack, releasing a statement in which he said women who get abortions are “victims” and that doctors who carry out the procedure are the ones who deserve punishment.

Yeah, whatever. It’s too late for backtracking, we all know it and Constance Hall of Queens of Constance fame has perfectly summed up how so many of us are feeling.

Posting on her Facebook page to her 618,000 followers, Hall kicked off her open letter to Trump with, “Dear Donald Trump, I hear that you’re anti-abortion

“I find if odd when people who will clearly never fall pregnant decide that pro choice and pro life decisions are decisions that they can rightfully make… An abortion is a choice that can only be made by the person whom is carrying the pregnancy. It is not about men or women, it is about everyone’s ownership of their own bodies. Because we abolished slavery Donald, you can no longer own or buy the power of someone else’s body.”

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“To say that you have the rights to an embryo because it could one day turn into a baby is like me saying that I have the rights to your sperm, because a sperm cell too, could one day turn into a baby,” Hall continues. “So unless you fancy seeing your balls dangling in decorative form from my ears… I suggest you leave the abortion choices up to the people whose bodies they will be performed in.

“And they will continue to be performed, because abortions are an essential part of equality and as much as you hate that word… Equality isn’t going anywhere. So Donald, until you invent the technology that grants you the privilege to carry a baby in the ball sack that is yet to become my earrings… Not one single abortion choice will ever be your choice to make.”

Hall signed off with a dedication to her “beloved American Queens.”

Hall has totally nailed it. It’s not about how people feel about abortion, because everyone is entitled to do what they wish with their own bodies. If a woman wants to have an abortion, that’s her choice. If she wants to have a baby, that’s her choice. What Donald Trump thinks shouldn’t come into this decision at all.

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