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8 ways to pamper yourself like you deserve on Mother’s Day

If you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day, I say do precisely what you want to do! Ready to go on a serene hike or indulge in a fancy dinner in the city? Lovely! Prefer to lounge in your sweats with a bottle of red and some cheese? We’re not judging — it’s your day to do you.

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1. Enjoy breakfast in bed

Image: Dot&Bo

Start your day with breakfast in bed. Believe us, with just a tiny bit of hinting, your partner and kids will be more than happy to bring you a delicious morning meal. We especially love those scrambled eggs and toast when they’re served on this Anderson Appetizer and Chalk Board.

2. Soak in the bath

Image: Dot&Bo

Next, keep the relaxation flowing with a wooden tub caddy. Bring your cup of coffee or a glass of wine, your favorite novel, and a delicious-smelling candle for a relaxing soak you definitely deserve.

3. Make memories

Image: Dot&Bo

You love being a mom and can’t get enough of your little ones. Spend the morning hours capturing their cutest moments in an instant with the Lomo’Instant Camera. Not only is the design of this camera beautiful enough to be displayed on your shelves, but also the pictures it prints are quick and fun. You’ll remember this Mother’s Day forever.

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4. Go for a picnic

Image: Dot&Bo

Add a little fresh air to your Mother’s Day plans, and head out with the family for a picnic in the park. You’ll get some vitamin D and work on that tan, and your kids will get their energy out. Best of all, lunch is so much more fun when eaten out of a picnic basket as cute as this Bar Harbor Picnic Basket.

5. Add adult-only drinks to your picnic

Image: Dot&Bo

If you’re feeling a bit wild and the kids are with your parents for the day, you may even consider bringing a bar in a bag cocktail set. Cocktails, a nice breeze and your significant other — what could be better?

6. Listen to your favorite tunes

Once you’ve returned home from your sunny outing, start your evening off right by listening to your favorite album on the record player you not-so-subtly hinted that you wanted as a gift.

7. Relax with the perfect snack

Image: Dot&Bo

Meanwhile, hold yourself over for the home-cooked meal your partner is cooking with some cheese and crackers on this acacia wood and marble Everett Cheese Board.

8. Relish each moment

Whether your dinner is a filet mignon or some good ol’ mac and cheese (I’m obsessed with this skillet mac ‘n’ cheese recipe), you’re sure to end the day with a happy heart after all of these incredible moments. Remember, this is your day. So if this list isn’t exactly what you want to be doing (maybe you’d rather spend it brewing beer instead), edit it to match your preferences. Take the time to remember why this day is so special and to be with your family while you enjoy all of your favorite, relaxing activities.

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