Serena Williams needs to do more than delete her Photoshopped pic

Celebrities need to get with the program. You can’t post an image that looks Photoshopped in any way without seriously pissing off all the fans who love you just the way you are.

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The latest star to experience an anti-airbrushing backlash is tennis champ Serena Williams after she posted an image from a recent photo shoot with People magazine on her Instagram account.

It was barely online before fans started complaining that the picture was unrealistic, many of them suggesting Williams’ waistline was significantly narrower than it is in real life and pointing out that the bar behind the world’s No.1 player looked warped.

Serena Williams deletes photoshopped pic from Instagram
Image: Serena Williams/Instagram

Williams remained silent as the comments flooded in, but she has now deleted the original post and replaced it with an image from the photo shoot that doesn’t appear to have been tampered with by People magazine’s design team.

Williams didn’t address the fuss her original pic had caused, simply captioning the replacement: “@people mag most beautiful 2016” — a reference to the magazine’s annual list of most beautiful people, of which Williams is one.

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Undoubtedly Williams looks way better with her natural waistline — and don’t we all? What on earth makes anyone think this woman’s body would need any digital manipulation? Fans welcomed the new picture with delight, questioning why the other one had been shared at all.

This isn’t the first time Williams has found herself in the midst of a Photoshopping row. When she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in December, critics were quick to claim that her thighs had been slimmed down.

Williams never responded to those claims, and it looks like she’ll remain tight-lipped on the People magazine image too. Her Instagram action speaks volumes, but it would be great if she addressed the issue. She’s a strong, healthy, stunning woman who doesn’t need her waist to be trimmed or her thighs to be slimmed down, and is a great role model for women whose bodies don’t fit the size 2 cover girl mold.

But she’d be even more of an inspiration if she 1) made damn sure none of her photos got Photoshopped, and 2) spoke up about it if one did.

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