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14 practical Mother’s Day gifts for busy mompreneurs

I love giving gifts, especially to my mother. She has spent so much time making sure that we had everything before she did, and now that I am in a position to give, I love finding ways to give to her when possible. I may have gone a little overboard last Christmas, and yet every gift I gave to her has either been reclaimed by my sister or is still sitting in a box somewhere in her house.

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In my first gift guide of 2016, practicality has been my inspiration, thanks to my mother. As a Mompreneur myself, I find myself asking for things that surprise those around me. With the focus being on my business or the possibility to learn. (Has anyone else asked for online courses recently or is it just me?) 

1. A great webcam

Image: Logitech

The Logitech Webcam is the perfect gift for the budding Infopreneur or blogger. A great webcam can make the difference between looking like a pro or an amateur. With the growing need for influencers to build reputable relationships with brands, being able to present her brand clearly is essential. The Logitech Webcam is a gadget that she can use for work and to share the moments that matter most to her.

Purchase at Logitech, ($100)

2. A stylish laptop bag

Image: MRKT

If the busy Mompreneur in your life is anything like me, she carries her laptop with her everywhere. I know it is a bad habit, but it is really hard to break; after all, who knows when the next big opportunity will land in my lap? Whether it is a laptop or a tablet, a great-looking bag to lug around with you during the day is essential. The Della Tote is chic, fashionable and roomy enough to carry all of her necessities. Being able to change the shape is not half bad either!

Purchase at M.R.K.T., ($115)

3. A standing desk


Sitting all day can be painful, but luckily there are design-friendly options for standing desks, like the VariDesk Soho. Designed with the minimalist in mind, the Soho provides a streamlined option for working at your desk — go from standing to sitting in moments.

Purchase at VARIDESK, $175

4. A phone with tons of storage

Image: Amazon

The Spark LTE is a great phone for the Insta-savvy Mompreneur. The fun, sleek device allows for up to 64GB of storage (Periscope Users understand the need for space), 13 MP autofocus camera, the ability to add up to two sim cards and, honestly, it just looks really awesome. Who doesn’t like pulling out a fabulous gadget on the go?

Purchase at Amazon, ($159)

5. Portable charging device

Image: Amazon

Anyone who is working on the go dislikes their phone dying. It happens to me more times than I would like to admit. (My husband makes it his personal mission to ask me if my phone is charged at least an hour before I have to go anywhere.) This Portable Charger Power Cell from one of my favorite Mompreneur-friendly brands is the answer to this problem. The Portable Charger Power Cell from Ventev will keep your mom’s phone charged on the go.

Purchase at Ventev, ($45)

6. Fabulous notebooks

Image: Erin Condren

Erin Condren is not only awesome because she makes really amazing and gorgeous tools for the busy girl but she’s also awesome because she’s an upcoming guest in the SheMeets Podcast. In the meantime though, feel free to discover and share the gift of her awesome new creation: notebooks and journals for the note-taking Mompreneur.

Purchase at ErinCondren, ($30)

7. A home office redesign

Image: Polkadots and Rose Buds

As one of the most unique gift idea-giver, Liz Toombs is on a mission to make interior design an affordable part of your life. Determined to break the misconception that interior design is a luxury, she provides affordable options for those in need of a home makeover. With Polka Dots and Rosebuds Interiors wE-Design, the practical Mompreneur can afford to get a bold and fearless office makeover to match her brand!

Purchase at Polka Dots and Rosebuds, (under $500)

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8. Change the way she commutes

Image: Riide

RIIDE can save her over $300 a month by completely transforming her commute with electric bikes. These awesome bikes allow the busy girl to dress for work and ride safely by transforming her commute.

Purchase at RIIDE, ($79/month)

9. A good bottle of bubbly

Image: Zonin

Sometimes mom just wants to enjoy a good bottle of wine, like Zonin Prosecco. After long hours dealing with sometimes difficult clients and managing her community and family, she will love simply being able to sit down and sip something that fits her mood.

Purchase at Zonin, ($16)

10. Smoothies delivered to her home

Image: Daily Harvest

Ready to blend smoothie cups right to your doorstep? If that’s not practical, I don’t know what is. A healthy, delicious and fun gift for the busy Mompreneur, this awesome subscription service from Daily Harvest Smoothie is at the top of my list, too.

Purchase at Daily Harvest (starts at $48/week)

11. Candy delivery

Officially one of my favorite brands, SugarWish makes the perfect gift. Yes, I am one of those moms who hides candy randomly in my desk drawers, not only because I love to sneak one every once in awhile but also because it gives me an excuse to let my girls into the office every so often and share awesome moments. SugarWish is also a great way for her to send gifts to her clients, and it takes seconds to send a gift of candy with the new SugarWish ecards.

Purchase at SugarWish, starts at $17

12. A stylish health tracker

I am a firm believer in self love. You cannot care for others if you do not take care of yourself. MOCAHeart allows Mom to track her cardiovascular health at home with the touch of her thumb. She can track her heart rate, blood oxygen levels and conduct a simple 1-5 scale called the MOCA Index, which is correlated to blood pressure.

Purchase at MOCACare, $149

13. A fitness tracker that looks like a watch

Image: MOCA

In case you missed it, wearables are pretty awesome, and, not to mention, with the ability to track activity, sleep and swim this well-rounded Parisian-style ActivitiePop tracker should be at the top of your list. With a great variety of bold colors, there is one for every practical Mompreneur in your life.

Purchase at Withings, $150

14. A watch that gives back to the environment

Image: Original Grain

Innovation is sexy, and being able to wear innovation is sexy, right? This chic watch from Original Grain will not only look amazing on her but will also allow her to thank you for making a difference. With the purchase of any one of these awesome timepieces, 10 trees are planted. Mother Nature will thank you too!

Purchase at Original Grain, ($169)

Does anything on the list sound like a great gift for the busy girl in your life?

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