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6 designs proving mud cloth is the new boho accent

There’s a hot new trend in the world of bohemian design. For so long, we’ve had our sights set on Southwestern patterns inspired by the deserts of California and Nevada. Now, we’re looking to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa for fresh home decorating inspiration.

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This region has been creating gorgeous woven designs made from raffia for quite some time. The patterns found on these woven tapestries are bold and geometric — featuring squares, triangles, and diamond shapes. Interior designers have been using these eye-catching mud cloth prints as inspiration for ages, but the team at Dot & Bo could not be more excited that they’re rising in popularity again.

Referred to as “Kuba,” mud cloth and raffia prints, these earth-toned textiles are inspiring more and more designs today.

Most Kuba prints come in neutral tones with the occasional rust-colored accent. Below, you can see how well both of the palettes work together. Bold, geometric, black-and-white Kuba print throw pillows are brought to life with the red touches on complementary throw pillows as well as a mud cloth-inspired wall hanging.

We love how these traditional-inspired prints work in this rustic bohemian setting, but these prints can also bring an ultra-modern space to life with their bold graphics and eye-catching patterns.

Image: Dot&Bo

Whether you’re lucky enough to own a real raffia woven mud cloth tapestry or are just inspired by these unique designs, bringing these patterns into your home will create an eclectic, global, bohemian look you’re sure to love. Explore these looks inspired by breathtaking Kuba textiles.

Image: Dot&Bo

Above, a collection of Kuba print-inspired pillows show the wide variety within this trending pattern. From zig-zagging lines to maze-like squares, these prints are similar yet completely different. This arrangement also proves that the mud cloth-inspired patterns are versatile enough to be paired with other bohemian designs, like our favorite Southwest inspired textiles and faux fur-covered throw pillows.

Image: Dot&Bo

Another fantastic way to bring this print into your home is through accent baskets. Following the same inspired weave of the raffia mud cloths, these designs bring both geometric beauty as well as functional storage into your home.

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Image: Dot&Bo

We love this pillow’s modern interpretation of mud cloth. On a clean white background, the diamond and zig-zagging lines look both traditional as well as fresh. It’s such a simple set of lines, yet when placed in any room, it brings the space to life. With the fun mix-and-match of rusty red and pale cream, this accent adds warmth and welcome to any home.

Image: Dot&Bo

There’s no denying the statement these bold patterns can make in any home. We’ve seen these pillows in trendy, industrial lofts as well as bohemian artist’s retreats. No matter where they’re placed, their neutral color palette, simplicity and angular lines make them a perfect addition!

Heatwaves Throw Pillow
Image: Dot&Bo

What we love most about this trend is that there are so many different ways we are seeing it brought to life. From pieces that stick very closely to the traditional Kuba-prints to more modern interpretations like the pillows featured above, these designs continue to feel new because of the many ways in which they’re presented to us.

What do you think of this patterned bohemian trend? Would you bring it into your home? Don’t forget to take a look at Dot & Bo’s Urban Nomad collection for more inspired looks.

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