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Landmark pet houses are a dream come true for animal-loving history buffs

Do you consider yourself a history buff? Do you also have a cat or other small pet who’s desperate for a fancy, new crash pad? Then, boy, are you in for a treat. A Dutch cat product company called Poopy Cat (yes, really) has designed a series of cardboard playhouses to look like iconic landmarks from around the world.

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Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter
Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter
Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter

See? They’re just as cool and adorable as they sound. Thomas, the founder of Poopy Cat (I will never get over that name), claims he came up with the designs with the help of his own cat, Mooshy, as well as a number of other volunteer test cats. However, now that they’ve made the prototypes, they’re in need of some major fundage in order to set up distribution, hence the Kickstarter page.

The campaign just started in early April, and they’re already halfway to their $33,871 goal (translated from Euros, hence the super-specific dollar amount). By this point, the early bird specials are all sold out, but if you give $44 to the campaign, you can have the landmark playhouse of your choice by July.

Thomas came up with the idea for these adorable things a year ago. He thought about how much cats love basic cardboard boxes, but how humans don’t so much, because they’re not aesthetically pleasing. So he came up with the perfect solution — he combined the cardboard cats love with architectural masterpieces, and poof, Landmark Cathouses were born!

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Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter
Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter

A cat hanging out inside a famous building of a cat — could there be anything more hilarious?

Not only are they super-cool and incredibly sturdy, they’re easy as pie to put together.

Image: Giphy

And talk about a conversation starter. Imagine you’re at a bar, and a cute guy asks you if you’ve ever been to the Taj Mahal. You can zing him with, “Well, I haven’t, but my cat sure has!” Boom. Mic drop. I’ll take that marriage proposal anytime.

The best part is, these playhouses aren’t strictly for cats. Any small pet who likes a good, cardboard-y playhouse can while away the hours inside the Kremlin or the Eiffel Tower or even the White House.

Image: Poopy Cat/Kickstarter

However, if your guinea pig eats that American flag, he might be tried in court for treason, just saying. It’s the law.

Each landmark playhouse also comes with a unique play element. For example, the Eiffel Tower has an elevator hanging from a rope inside for your cat (or other small pet) to bat around. The idea is for each playhouse to be a fun toy as well as a safe haven for your pet.

If this sounds like the greatest thing ever to you (as it does to me), by all means grab one of those first-edition landmarks while they last. The company is also looking for advice on more landmarks to add to their line, as well as ways to improve their current ones, so don’t be shy with your comments. I, for one, would love to see a Golden Gate Bridge that wouldn’t collapse under the weight of my 14-pound cat. Hey, anything’s possible, right?

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