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Parody makeup tutorial shows how to ‘cover up’ depression

At first glance, YouTube star Amy Geliebter’s latest video looks like the type of makeup tutorial we’ve seen a million times before.

But this tutorial is not your normal instructional.

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Instead, her tutorial focuses on the “faces” people with depression put on when trying to make it in society. She models the video like every other tutorial, with step-by-step instructions as she applies everything from primer to lipstick.

“First, start by priming your face with a nice, thick coat of chemical imbalances,” she says before adding layers. “Cover up all your blemishes using the shade denial and emotional repression.”

She finishes by adding a line that everyone with depression has heard from “well-meaning” people. “Finally, apply liquid lipstick in the shade of Just Smile More,” she says. “If you follow these steps, were born with a chemical imbalance and live in a society that deeply stigmatizes mental illness, you too can rock this cool, depressed look.”

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Her dark humor aims to shed light on the struggles that people who have depression deal with every day. She told BuzzFeed that she grew up in a family that prioritized humor and it “really helps me to laugh at the darker parts of my life.”

“Mental health is always talked about in an academic way. I think to be able to talk about it in a way that’s funny and relatable helps more people feel not alone,” she said.

“There are always people out there who know what you’re going through,” she said.

Even if they are wearing “masks.”

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