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Woman creates perfect eyebrows, courtesy of a $7 beauty product

Shaping your eyebrows can make a world of difference in your overall look — not to mention, defined brows are still trending — but what about those not blessed with some bushy ones? 

You have two options: permanently arched brows via tattoo or drawn-on ones that only last until you wash your face (or sweat at the gym).

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Luckily, there’s now a third option that comes from the amazing world of Korean beauty.

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel promises to give full brows that last up to three days. Intrigued Imgur user zeldaf bought the gel on Amazon. “For people who are virtually browless like me, it sounds too good to be true,” she wrote.

Image: zeldaf/Imgur

Her natural eyebrows are very sparse, so she had nothing to lose.

“It’s thick. Like legit tar kind of thick,” she wrote. That’s not an understatement; the gel goes on thick and makes very dramatic-looking brows. “It’s so scary because if you mess up a little, a Q-tip won’t really help,” she wrote. “Look how wet it looks!”

Image: zeldaf/Imgur

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The instructions say to leave it on for at least two hours, but she opted to leave it on overnight. “It didn’t come off one iota on my pillow,” she continued, adding that it had a “rubbery texture.”

“Holy crapballs,” she wrote. “It worked.”

That’s an understatement: Her brows looked completely flawless and held up throughout the day. The only downside was that they came off with an oil-based cleanser. She reapplied and only used a mild cleanser and they stayed put.

Image: zeldaf/Imgur

The only downside: “My husband kept turning to me in bed to tell me something and he kept bursting into fits of giggles,” she said of wearing the dark gel to bed.

Well, that’s not actually a downside. Laughs and perfect brows? That’s $7 well spent.

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