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16 Stylish gifts I’m putting on my list for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here. Make sure you mark your calendars — it’s May 8 this year! For me, it’s a day to relax, enjoy my children and celebrate. My five kids (and husband) have always done a wonderful job on Mother’s Day making me feel extra special. They let me sleep late. Breakfast is usually delivered to my bed. I get the “extra” pass to take a long, hot shower (without disruptions). I have TV remote access (the golden key!) all day long. The kids make sure the house is clean and promise not to fight. Oh, yes… Mother’s Day is truly a fabulous day.

When it comes to gifts, my husband always asks me to let him know exactly what I’d love to get. He’s tried in the past to pick out some things here and there, but he feels the most comfortable just finding out things from me that I truly love and truly need.

Here are 16 things that would be a home run in my book for Mother’s Day!

1. Colorblock Inset Capri Leggings

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I’m big into working out, so I’m always looking for some fab new finds. Love the colors of these workout pants.

2. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Blouson Tank Dress

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I adore this easy style. Wear to the beach, pool or out to dinner. So versatile.

3. Polished Pinks Mini Marvelous Moxie® Trio

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I love new shades of lipstick, especially pink tones in the spring and summer. So fresh and so much fun.

4. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I’m all about adding some fabulous blush to my cheeks every single day. I adore this heart-shaped box, perfect for Mother’s Day.

5. I ‘Heart’ Ronson® Smocked Cold-Shoulder Blouse

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I love the beauty and the fabulousness of this top! It’s stunning and great with jeans.

6. Xersion™ Studio Short-Sleeve Mesh-Back Tee

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

The cross back and mesh on this workout tee is so chic.

7. Made for Life™ Sleeveless Shirred Yoke Top

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I love working out in fun prints and colors. This shirt makes me happy!

8. Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

There’s nothing like getting a new palette of makeup.

9. I ‘Heart’ Ronson® 3/4-Sleeve Gingham Bardot Jersey Top

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Isn’t this the cutest top? I love off-the-shoulder tops; it’s great for summer.

10. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rollerball

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Berries, vanilla and jasmine. You can’t beat the deliciousness of this gorgeous scent. It stays with you all day!

11. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless A-Line Swing Dress

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Swing dresses are trending like crazy right now because they’re an easy summer dress to wear anywhere.

12. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Dress

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Always on the lookout for a stunning dress for fancy and casual occasions. And I’m obsessed with the color of it too!

13. Bisou Bisou® Long-Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Long, flowy and gorgeous! This is the perfect dress for a summer date night!

14. SEPHORA COLLECTION Here’s The Skinny Brush Wrap

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Every season I love to update my brush collection.

15. Liz Claiborne® Sleeveless Bubble-Hem Layered Top

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I always love polished and classic looks for the summer, which means items I can wear over and over again, like this one.

16. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Handkerchief-Hem Bow-Tie Top

Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

I adore this top with white jeans. It’s classic with a touch of flair!

This post is sponsored by JCPenney.

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