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What’s your butt shape? Clue: There’s no wrong answer

Let’s be honest — we’re all a little obsessed with butts. How big they are, how well they move, whether they are au naturel or have had a little cosmetic boost (some women love butts so much, they’re actually paying for new ones).

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Celebrities are obsessed with butts too. In fact, they can’t stop talking about them. From Nicki Minaj (“Oh, my gosh, look at her butt/Look at her butt/Look at her butt”) to Meghan Trainor (“I’m bringing booty back”), the mighty butt has never been so topical.

It’s time we really got to know our butts, and a good place to start is by working out what shape it is.

According to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, who claims to be an expert in women’s derrieres, every woman’s butt falls into one of five categories: square, V-shape, A-shape, round and upside-down heart.

Schulman says four factors go into determining butt shape: the position of the pelvis in relation to the hip bones, fat distribution, the size and shapes of the gluteus muscles, and the way those muscles attach to the thigh bones.

Now, we’re not in the habit of telling you what to wear, but we all know when it comes to underwear, certain guidelines will help you look, and (more importantly) feel, great. Just like a bra that fits you perfectly and lifts and supports in all the right places, the right underwear style will give your butt that extra oomph.

Round butt

Sofia Vergara round butt
Image: Apega/

A round butt a la Sofia Vergara needs underwear with plenty of fabric in the back for maximum comfort, and a four-way stretch, center back seam and ruching along the seams will be most flattering for your shape.

Upside-down heart butt

Rihanna heart bum
Image: Kevin Mazur/Entertainment/Getty Images

Upside-down heart butted women like Rihanna should go for briefs, boy shorts, hipsters or bikinis with a lower-cut leg opening that sits right below the butt crease for a super-flattering effect.

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A-shaped butt

Shakira A shaped butt
Image: WENN

An A-shaped butt like Shakira’s widens below the hip bones and is common in women with fuller thighs. Tangas, bikinis and boy shorts in stretchy material or with seamless, laser-cut edges will be your butt’s best friends.

Square butt

Miley Cyrus square shaped butt

If you have a cute square butt like Miley Cyrus, take your pick from boy shorts, bikinis, tangas and thongs. Avoid any style that sits high on the thigh because nobody likes a wedgie.

V-shaped butt

Cindy Crawford V shaped butt
Image: Joe Alvarez/WENN

When the line between the pelvis and hips angles inward, a butt has a V shape from behind, like Cindy Crawford’s. When shopping for bottoms, opt for boy shorts, briefs, hipsters or bikinis. Stay away from high-cut leg holes to ensure there’s enough coverage and extra definition.

Whatever your butt shape is, your love for it begins with the right underwear.

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