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Busty women can all relate to Australian woman’s bra rant

Lingerie shopping is the absolute worst if you’re well-endowed in the boobage department.

I typically wear a 38DD and have a difficult time finding a bra that fits all of my wants. If I find a bra that fits right, chances are it’ll be in a solid color with approximately 567 clasps to keep it in place. And the ones that are cute? The cups either don’t fit right or the band is too uncomfortable.

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I often wonder how women with even larger breasts feel about the selection — and now I have my answer.

Chardé Heremaia posted an epic YouTube rant of her recent shopping trip to an Australian Kmart to find underthings that fit.

“I’ve come to find some new bras OK, cause I’m a double F, and I’m plagued with big boobs,” she starts in the video. And that “closest thing” is a plain white bra in a size F that’s f***ing ugly.

“I’m so offended that Kmart and other places feel that they have to give big-titty girls granny bras, all right,” she says. “Some of us young ones, we like to be a little bit of a saucy minx every now and again. OK. I’ve had it up to f***ing here.”

She’s right: Mainstream fashion has come a long way in terms of plus-size clothing, but there’s still a way to go — especially when it comes to lingerie.

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Heremaia ends her video by saying she wants retailers to “sort their shit out. I want some pretty ones that don’t cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, OK?”

Preach, Chardé.

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