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Tokyo has a penguin bar, so we’re moving there — stat!

Think we’re all hip and forward-thinking with our cat cafés? Well, once again the city of Tokyo has gone and shown us who’s boss with — wait for it — a penguin bar.

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This really doesn’t seem fair, because they already have a hedgehog café and an owl café.

Penguin Bar, in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, allows customers to interact with live penguins and even feed them, while sipping penguin-themed cocktails such as ”Penguin Bar Original Frozen Cocktail” and various kinds of Penguin-shaped foods.

Before you question whether cocktails and penguins are a good combination, you should know that glass separates the penguins from tipsy customers, and they have lots of room to swim around, do tricks, chill out and do whatever else penguins like to do.

Penguin Bar in Tokyo
Image: Penguin Bar/Facebook

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According to the bar’s website, it’s intended to be a “healing and relaxing space” to help busy city folk unwind at the end of a stressful day. They also welcome any penguin fans to hold their wedding reception in the bar and perhaps even be inspired by the birds, because “a pair of penguins raise their chicks with good care, cooperating together and keeping a long relationship between them. (sic)”

Penguin Bar in Tokyo
Image: Penguin Bar/Facebook

Cat cafés are awesome. But let’s face it, we could all drink tea and stroke cats in the comfort of our own homes if we wanted to. However, the chance of a penguin, hedgehog or owl popping in to keep us company is slim, which is why we’re planning our tour of Tokyo’s animal-themed eating and drinking establishments already.

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