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Sharing goals with others helped my dreams come true

In 2012, I was six months pregnant, sitting on a couch at work, reading a self-help book. I was so fired up about my dreams and knew I wanted use to my knowledge to create something great.

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I created a big dream for starting a small business

I had created a vision for my family: I saw us retired and traveling the world together, and I was mapping out how we would pay off debt and how much income I could be making every month outside of my corporate job. I only needed to take the steps and to follow my dreams by taking my love of business a step further.

I worked through different versions of finding my passion and purpose. I created business plans on how I would succeed, and I shared this new reality with absolutely no one.

In fact, just two days ago I was sharing this story with my husband. I laughed because I knew he didn’t know about this journey. He thought this journey started in 2015 once I became a work-at-home mom. He didn’t realize I was trying to start a side business and using my thesis for my master of business administration as cover.

Fear stopped me from sharing my dreams

I let fear stand in my way. Fear was showing up in different ways, such as time and money. I knew if I shared my vision with my husband, he would support me, so I kept it to myself. This may be confusing for some people. Who wouldn’t want a partner standing in their corner, pushing them forward no matter the financial or time cost? For me, I wasn’t ready to hold that commitment for myself, so I kept my dreams a secret.

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Funny enough, instead of following that path, I paid (a lot) more money and spent (a lot) more time focusing on a graduate degree. I love my graduate degree, but looking back, I can see that I did have the time and I did have the money to go after my dreams. Fear held me back. I was using that degree as a cover. If my business failed, it would be OK. It was just a project for school, I thought, and I could still be promoted in my corporate field.

I got my MBA because I love business, and having a graduate degree could be a win-win situation. I wanted to build my own brand, but I also wanted to be promoted at my current job. I wanted that higher-paying job, and I wanted the status of growing within a corporate environment. When I started reaching those levels, I realized I wasn’t any happier. In fact, once I stepped foot into my own business, I started to feel an internal struggle.

My struggle between entrepreneurship and corporate living

I started looking at what I was chasing — freedom and financial security — and found myself right back where I was in 2012. I was creating that vision all over again. The universe was knocking, and I had to answer the door this time. My internal struggle between corporate and entrepreneurship was also at a peak. I had to make a choice.

As soon as I started to share my dreams, they started to become my reality. The universe started working for me. It always was, but now I could see it. My husband and I reached a new level of communication because he could see the fire in me. I could now reach out and ask for his support in reaching my biggest goals, and I knew he would support me no matter what.

I found that I would never truly be ready to branch out into owning a small business, but sharing my dreams pushed me into taking action. If you are dreaming it, you are ready.

The vision of what I would share with the world only got clearer with time. I had basic ideas in 2012, and instead of a side hustle, I have taken it full time. I now have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best in the business, and I want to share that with you.

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If you are ready to start shifting your dreams into reality, then join us here at The 6 Figure Mom and find out how you can take those next steps in business.

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