Funny dog videos that will brighten up even the darkest days

Dog fail videos are possibly one of the greatest gifts to the Internet since. In any case, as more strange videos of dogs arrive, life just gets better and better. From dogs making the most unlikely of friends to dogs being overwhelmingly adorable in snow, these videos are a must-watch.

Every dog loves a snow day, right?

If you’re ever wondering how your shoe got torn to shreds, just bring it to your dog. It will easily fess up without even trying to.

Dogs failing has to be the pinnacle of all dog videos — and secretly one of our guilty pleasures.

We’ve all heard of man’s best friend, but have you heard of monkey’s best friend?

Has your dog ever gotten stuck in a place it wasn’t supposed to be?

Let’s face it: We all know dogs don’t know any better, but it’s OK, their cute faces make up for it.


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