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Instagram thinks you’ll be offended by this mom’s photo, so are you?

Instagram has made news lately with its announcement of the pending changes that will rearrange the order in which we see our photos. It appears as though its latest update may not be the only change coming, though. Based on one of its latest flubs, we may be having to rethink the rules of censorship when it comes to our… wait for it… cakes.

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Yes, really. British mother Sue Moseley found this out the hard way after posting a picture of an Easter simnel cake. Shortly after sharing her photo, she opened her Instagram app only to receive an error message informing her that her account had been disabled for violating the terms.

Here’s what she shared: 

Pretty obvious that it’s a cake, right? Apparently not.

After appealing the decision, Instagram sent Moseley an email stating that her photo contained content that was sexually suggestive. To us humans, it’s obvious that the photo is a picture of a cake, but the Instagram bots saw nothing but boob, and as we all know, Instagram doesn’t do boob.

Eventually the picture made it to a set of human eyes, where it was decided that the risqué baked good was in fact appropriate for Instagram users to view. Moseley’s account has since been reinstated.

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This is just one story in a slew of others that argue that Instagram’s censorship has countless double standards. When Jessie James Decker posted a picture of her then 1-year-old daughter sitting fully clothed on a potty, the picture was reported and removed, but then celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Amber Rose post nude selfies on a daily basis, and Instagram doesn’t bat an eye.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a woman’s anatomy, but it seems as though Instagram is picking and choosing what it deems as inappropriate with extreme bias toward photos that actually do lean toward being sexually suggestive. A sexy celeb proudly flaunting her goods is apparently acceptable, but an Easter cake? Nope!

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This is really a WWCTD — what-would-Chrissy-Teigen-do? — moment. The social media maven has had her Instagram account disabled several times thanks to her blatant and hilarious disregard for the site’s double standards. And like Teigen, we too are in support of women being proud of their bodies… and their baked goods!

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