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5 ways to do more with tarot cards than just reading the future

Mention tarot cards and the mysterious image of a gypsy woman reading fortunes in a carnival tent may spring to mind. But today’s vast selection of tarot, angel and oracle cards have become an empowering way for modern readers to increase personal intuition, foster creativity and weave the strands of destiny as they see fit. Predictive tarot reading takes a back seat as new and innovative ways of using the cards are springing up.

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1. Daily vision boarding

Vision boards are a wildly popular and fun tool for people who know that their future doesn’t lie in the stars but in their own hands. Tarot is a convenient daily vision-board tool. Need to ignite some sex appeal? Reach for the sensual Queen of Wands. Want to invoke your creative goddess? Find the Empress and place her where you can see her. Like to invoke more compassion? Stick the Ace of Cups where you can gaze at it all day. Tarot images communicate with the unconscious on a symbolic level, just like pictures cut from magazines typically used on vision boards. They help push past language barriers and communicate directly to the psyche.

2. Journal prompting and creative writing

Daily journal prompts are a fun way to invoke personal creativity. Choose a generic sentence such as, “The most important thing to me is…” Then flip a card, and your journaling self will be off and running. In the same vein, writers who get blocked on character, setting or scene can flip tarot cards for inspiration. They might actually tell you who a character is, where they are and what they are doing.

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3. Brainstorming

Stuck on a work or life issue? Need quick, solid solutions? Tarot cards can be a lifeline to new possibilities. Write a comprehensive list of challenges, questions and issues, and pull a card for each one. Free your mind, and free-associate with the images on the cards. Allow the solutions to flow.

4. Meditation

Science proves that meditation graces the practitioner with dozens of medical benefits. Meditate into any tarot card or its meaning by focusing on the image and significance. Calm and bring awareness to your inner self. Re-create the card in your mind’s eye. Adventurous souls can move deeper into the tarot card by moving through its borders to explore what is beyond.

5. Manifestation and magic

To bring specific goals to fruition, you can engage directly with the tarot arcana and create a ritual or spell around your desired outcome. Manifestation work requires more than simply assembling a vision board. Timing is considered, sacred space is cultivated, and additional accessories are utilized. But even the simplest of spells can be quite effective in achieving one’s desire.

Do you have an innovative way to work with tarot? Share it with us in Comments.

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Sasha Graham is the author of Tarot Diva365 Tarot Spreads and the forthcoming 365 Tarot Spells. Visit for tips on magical living and the awesomeness of working with tarot.

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