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Swim leggings make it possible to wear your fave pants to the beach

Leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing ever, so it only makes sense to extend that comfort to swimwear.

Target’s upcoming design collaboration with the Finnish design brand Marimekko will include super-cute swim leggings. The Marimekko for Target line will include a black and white floral “Paprika” print and a blue and white “Lokki” print.

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It might seem a little strange at first glance, but swim leggings aren’t exactly a new thing. Traditional wetsuits — used for surfing and other ocean activities — are basically swim leggings, albeit in a heavier material.

And that’s exactly what Target is going for.

marimekko swim leggings
Image: Target

“A majority of the apparel focuses on swimwear as it ties back to the idea of creating an eternal summer,” Target said, according to Yahoo! Style. “The swim leggings are a different take on the traditional full body wetsuit and can be paired with the long-sleeve rash guard tops that are part of the collection as well.” 

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A quick search on Google nets dozens of other options for swim leggings from a variety of brands in a variety of cute patterns — some cut as full-length pants, others in a more capri-like style.

The real reason we love these swim leggings? They give those who want a more conservative look another option when hitting the pool or beach. Some people want to rock bikinis; others don’t. The most important thing is wearing what makes you most comfortable.

The Marimekko for Target swim leggings will retail for $25 when the collection launches on April 17.

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