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Here’s what being raised by a single mom does to you

There have been plenty of studies debating the impact being raised by a single mom has on a child, but unless you actually grew up with a mom who pulled double duty in the parenting department, it’s impossible to understand exactly what it’s like.

For those who did experience life with a single mom, you know that even if your childhood wasn’t the same as some of your peers’, your relationship with your mom is extremely special, and that her strength helped form the awesome person you are today. Here are 20 signs you were raised by a single mom.

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1. When it comes to money, you can separate things you want from things you need.

2. The term “quality time” has no meaning to you because you don’t take any time with your family for granted.

3. You’re used to having tampons and pads visible in the bathroom, not hidden out of sight in a bottom drawer.

4. You reject the notion that certain chores, like taking out the trash, require a penis.

5. You’re a pro at knowing when a relationship has run its course and can recite your breakup speech in your sleep.

6. When you see a spider, you don’t run for backup — you handle it yourself.

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7. When you watch reruns of Sex and the City, the scenes where they rehash last night’s dates over brunch always make you miss your mom.

8. If a knight on a white horse came riding up to you, your first thought would be that he’s lost and needs directions, not that he’s here to rescue you.

9. You know basic household maintenance, like how to fix a broken garbage disposal or rewire a lamp.

10. You see nothing wrong with kids having the occasional sleepover in Mom’s bed.

11. You know how a woman deserves to be treated and expect nothing less from your partner.

12. The sight of a toilet bowl with the lid lifted is slightly obscene to you.

13. You understand that no one’s perfect, and can easily forgive mistakes when it’s clear someone’s trying their best.

14. You prefer to go through a breakup with a buddy, since it’s more fun to have someone to eat ice cream and be sad with.

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15. Male partners or roommates have called you out for your decorating style being “too girly.” They’re wrong.

16. You don’t feel guilt over missing your kid’s activities when you have to work, since you know your job benefits them as much as you.

17. You don’t hide when you hear a noise in the middle of the night — you grab your flashlight and go investigate.

18. You still get suspicious when a server or salesperson is nice to your mother, in case they’re trying to flirt.

19. You know how to create a fantastic outfit from the thrift store.

20. Your happiness isn’t dependent on whether or not you’re in a relationship.

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