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The latest all-black tattoo trend is not for the faint of heart

Eye tattooing went mainstream in 2015, but an emerging tattoo trend makes that seem pretty tame in comparison.

Singapore-based tattoo artist Chester Lee has gained quite a following on Instagram for his all-black tattooing work that he refers to as “blackout” tattoos.

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The blackout tattoos are pretty much what you’d imagine them to be: blocks of ink that cover large portions — or even whole sections — of the body.

“I had been suggesting the blackout tattoos for massive cover-ups, and slowly letting people see the beauty in black work,” the tattooer told People. “It’s an acquired taste.”

Plus, you need a pretty big tolerance for pain. Take the most painful tattoo you’ve had inked on your body and multiply that by a billion.

“Slowly the new generation is appreciating the cleanliness of this kind of work, and the art of looking at just shapes and lines that emphasize the contours of the body,” Lee added.

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He’s not just a provider of the tattoos; he’s also a fan. Lee told People that he has his full arm and portions of his face and eyes blacked out. He also has the whites of his eyes tattooed black.

“It does not appeal to everyone,” Lee continued. “But maybe one day the common crowd will appreciate the beauty in the lines of black work.”

I believe we should all have the right to adorn our bodies as we see fit — and many of the designs he posts on Instagram are gorgeous — but I’ll be sticking to my basic flower and butterfly tattoos. Those are about as intense as I get.

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