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6 dog breeds to match your hipster lifestyle

If you try to avoid mainstream culture, prefer obscure bands to the newer tunes on the radio (ahem, Justin Bieber), head to thrift stores instead of designer boutiques and vehemently deny being a hipster, then you might just be firmly in the hipster category.

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And that means you may want a dog that matches your hipster lifestyle. These pooches are definitely right up there in the cool charts (bow ties and dog buns optional).

1. French bulldog

The French bulldog is curious, playful and affectionate, and according to DogBreedInfo, they have a very comical personality and love to play around. However, it is important that the owner does not allow the dog to get its own way, as this could result in the pooch becoming snappy and stubborn. Instead, the owner should be firm, calm and consistent, and this will help to train the breed.

Pros: French bulldogs love their owners and are impossible not to love back — just look at that little face.

2. Shih tzu

Want an adorable lap dog? The shih tzu may be for you!

The breed tends to be very amicable: it loves people, is outgoing, affectionate and friendly, Pets4Homes reports. They’re also great watchdogs and are very alert, but make sure to socialize these dogs correctly so that they are not wary or snappy towards strangers.

Pros: As an added bonus, the shih tzu breed’s long, luscious fur means they can rock dog buns (Kidding. Maybe).

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3. Pug

Pugs are a hugely popular breed across the globe because of their charming personalities. They’re fun, friendly and playful. According to Pets4Homes, the breed is very affectionate and often forms a very strong bond with its owners. In general, pugs are really friendly and love meeting new people, and they are particularly gentle with small children and people who may be nervous of dogs.

Pros: Not only are they a great small breed that can live in apartments and small homes, they also look particularly dapper in a bow-tie or a beanie — something their good nature happily tolerates.

4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

These cuties are both active and intelligent, and make loyal companions who will do just about anything for a good belly rub. According to PetWave, while this breed has a good temperament and is easy to train (making them ideal for first-time dog owners), they also love the outdoors and need to be exercised regularly. They cannot be left alone for long periods at a time as they suffer from separation anxiety.

Pros: A dog that will make a great companion and can accompany you on all your outdoor adventures.

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5. Brussels griffon

The Brussels griffon may be just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, and there will be plenty of people wanting to find out more about your pet, which is a good thing because socialisation is important to promote a confident and stable temperament, YourPureBredPuppy reports. The breed is reportedly proud and sensitive, although they are also very pleasant and entertaining to live with — never a dull day.

Pros: These pooches are known for their happy, spirited and comical natures, plus those cute little beards are going to make for some great selfies and perhaps even a face swap or two.

6. Mixed breeds

Do none of the above breeds tickle your fancy? Well, that isn’t too surprising because research by Complex magazine shows that, of all the pets favoured by hipsters, mixed breeds are the most common. Although the research was from New York City, it does give an indication of the broader hipster population’s taste in dogs. After all, this is where modern day hipsters originated, isn’t it?

This is fantastic news because there are so many wonderful pets looking for homes at local shelters.

If you want to adopt a pooch, you can visit a number of shelters in the U.K. which are working hard at keeping these pets healthy and happy. Visit the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Blue Cross.

Pros: With a wide range of dogs with varying unique personalities (purebreds’ personality traits tend to be relatively predictable), you can take your pick and choose a pooch that matches your lifestyle requirements and your own personality.

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