Woman reveals how dress made entirely from Skittles transformed her life

Mar 30, 2016 at 6:32 a.m. ET

Sarah Louise Bryan, who was homeless only a year ago, is on course to make her first million — thanks to her incredibly creative, showstopping dress designs.

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According to the Birmingham Mail, 12 months ago 27-year-old Bryan was unable to pay her rent and had to leave the family home with her two children, relying on the kindness of friends to put a roof over their heads.

However life is now very different for Bryan, her 13-year-old son and her 2-year-old daughter, after the former beautician created an incredible dress made entirely from Skittles.

The dress is made up of 3,000 Skittles from 145 bags and held together using 90 tubes of glue — a painstaking process that took Bryan a month to complete, spending six hours every day on her creation.

She said she made the dress, which has a sculptural skirt and deep V-neck, with Lady Gaga in mind and, although the star hasn't worn it yet, it's certainly changed Bryan's life.


After posting a picture of her candy creation on social media the image went viral and grabbed the attention of clothing company Ripley's, who invited the amateur designer to create her own collection of handbags and dresses, called the Sarah Louise Bryan range.

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Bryan hasn't left her love of unusual dresses behind her though. Last year she continued the sweet theme with a two-piece outfit covered in hundreds and thousands.


She also designed a frock for the Royal British Legion made of 3,000 poppies.


"It has been quite an incredible journey. I had a tough upbringing and was placed in foster care," Bryan said. "I got pregnant at 14 and have a 13-year-old son. Just a year ago I had nothing — I was penniless. I couldn’t afford to pay my rent and I never wanted to rack up arrears so I moved out and lived with friends with my two children.

"They were difficult times but I am a fighter," she continued. "I have always wanted to give my children a better life and was always thinking of ways I could do this. I had an incredible break with the Skittles dress idea and things have just snowballed since."

Bryan, who hopes "to be a millionaire in the not too distant future," also said she is "proof that no matter who you are and how bad things can get anyone can get themselves out of a bad situation with ideas and drive."

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