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Igloo-building cat is the Bear Grylls of the animal world

Much like Bear Grylls out in the wild, when we are faced with intimidating circumstances, we don’t always know why we do things, our instincts kick in and we just do them. That, in essence, is what prompted a tiger cat named Boots to channel his inner survival skills and dig himself an igloo after a blizzard buried his owner’s house in snow.

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Last week Denver, Colorado, was hit by a snowstorm of epic proportions, causing the most widespread power outages Colorado has ever seen in a single day. The city was covered by more than a foot of snow, which left many citizens stuck at home with nothing better to do than capture their pets’ silly antics on video. Hence why we’re lucky enough to be able to see Boots’ work in action rather than just his finished product.

When Boots’ owner, Adam Stevens, a photojournalist at KMGH-TV, opened the screen door to his house, Boots came face to face with a seemingly insurmountable mountain of snow. Yet while most other cats might have been discouraged by this wall of white, Boots saw it as a challenge. A challenge he was determined to beat.

Image: Ally Hirschlag/Giphy

See? No hesitation whatsoever! Boots just dives in with full force and begins chipping away at the wall. Tim Robbins should take a few lessons from him in case they ever decide to make a Shawshank Redemption 2.

Image: Ally Hirschlag/Giphy

After a little while, he really gets going — taking out orange-size snowballs one at a time. This is a feline who is not at all limited by his lack of opposable thumbs.

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Image: Ally Hirschlag/Giphy

Finally, after what must’ve taken hours (OK, maybe not hours), Boots made a hole big enough for his whole body. At this point he’d become a seasoned digger and employs two useful digging methods: the dog paddle and the body spiral. The body spiral seems to be quite useful for making sure the space you’ve already dug is big enough for those moments when you need to quickly reverse gears.

After much more digging, spinning and snowballing, Boots made himself a pretty sizable igloo. If Snowmageddon ever hits again, I’m sticking with Boots. His industriousness just goes to show you can make your way through anything as long as you have a strong will to press on — and nowhere to go but out.

Check out the full video of Boots’ amazing efforts below:

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