5 at-home anti-aging hacks you can get online

I’m a big online shopper. You’ll find me on Amazon, HSN, Truth in Aging, Overstock, eBay and Dermstore (just to name a few), and I know all our UPS drivers by their first name. I’m admittedly addicted.

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I can’t help but think of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd. as I search through the different items, Frownies plastered between her eyebrows as she desperately tried to preserve her looks.

Well, we’ve come a long way, baby! Now you can find just about anything to improve whatever imperfection you feel needs improving — and it’s all online!

1. A solution for droopy eyes

Two-sided tape is the answer. It has been used in Asia for years to lift the upper lid and make the eyes appear more open. It’s simple to use and difficult to detect once you apply the rest of your eye makeup. I’ve made this part of my daily routine. But use it just on one eyelid because it is naturally droopier than the other.

2. Tighten a saggy jawline

Surgical tape use to be the most popular fix for this. However, there are now kits that incorporate tape and plastic wands that hook together under your hair. You can attach the tape to the temple, jaw and/or neck and then strategically style your hair around it. Brilliant!!

3. For all-over facial sagging and wrinkling

The trend has moved toward products you can smear onto your face and under eye to “tighten” the skin as it dries. Most are only good for the day and don’t always look perfect, but hey, we’re talking about a liquid product and not plastic surgery!

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4. Hilarious — but compelling — Japanese anti-aging trends

Japan’s version of Amazon, the Japan Trend Shop, has its own selection of anti-aging devices, and some are downright hilarious yet somehow compelling.

  • There’s a plastic “flower” you put into your mouth to do daily facial exercises that looks like it should probably be in the adult-toy section!
  • Another device will either turn up the end of your nose or straighten it, depending on which you prefer.
  • There are contact lenses in every color — or even Hello Kitty. Can you imagine? I don’t know if I could stop staring at cute little cats forming a circle around someone’s pupil!
  • You’ll also find face expanders, face-lifting beanies, tongue-turning facial-exercise devices, a breast-gymnastics night bra, eye-wrinkle vibrators, a wrinkle vacuum and an ear scope with a camera so you can clean your ear while you watch. OK, I love my Q-tips, but that’s a bit much!

5. At-home skin-tightening equipment

I’ve ordered a couple of skin-tightening devices over the years, even though I have stronger, more effective equipment at work. There’s just something about being able to treat my skin while catching up on missed shows or watching a football game (something else I’m addicted to)!

My first device came from an American supplier but was made in Korea and not FDA anything. I knew what I was getting into and just loved how effective this device was — until it started giving me nasty shocks during my treatments!

My current device is FDA cleared, and while it’s not as effective, I can definitely see a difference in my skin when I use it regularly.

When I tell my patients about great finds online, at first they look at me in that strange way, not quite sure how to take me. After all, telling them about anti-aging devices and products might seem detrimental to my career, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as information shared among those of us who enjoy improving our looks. Besides, until there’s a Fraxel laser, Botox and Restylane dermal filler for sale on Amazon, I think my job security is just fine.

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