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It turns out you can still be arrested for not returning that VHS tape

Remember when video stores were a thing? When rewinding a VHS was a thorn in every movie lover’s side and when late fees legitimately made you respect the video store’s return policy? All of that is laughable now, because video stores are rapidly disappearing into the past along with scrunchies and feathered bangs, but that doesn’t mean they’re going down without a fight… One man found this out the hard way.

James Meyers of Concord, North Carolina, was driving his daughter to school earlier this week when he was pulled over for having a taillight out. After the officer ran his license, he returned to Meyers’ car with some serious (and slightly hilarious) news. Meyers was informed that there was a warrant out for his arrest from 2002 for never returning the movie Freddy Got Fingered to the video store where he rented it.

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The video store has since closed, but Meyers had to turn himself in to the authorities (the cops let him drop off his daughter first). To his surprise, he was escorted to the magistrate’s office and cuffed, and has since been given a court date in April to resolve the matter.

The star of the movie Meyers rented, Tom Green, got wind of the story via Twitter, and though he’s having a hard time believing this actually happened, he has since offered to pay the fees for Meyers in the event that he is charged.

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Well, if nothing other than a good laugh comes from this story, at least we know that the Concord Police Department is bringing its A-game into enforcing the law. Maybe if the Manitowoc County Police Department, made famous by Making a Murderer, would have been as vigilant as these guys are, the whole Steven Avery debacle might never have happened.

This incident isn’t the first time someone has been pulled over for something minor only to be arrested after a warrant was uncovered in their record, so it’s important to keep in mind that your past can most definitely come back to haunt you — even for something as simple as a movie rental.

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Unfortunately for Meyers, this little incident of forgetfulness could cost him a lot more money than if he had just bought the movie at full price. Instead he could be paying $200 for a movie that’s, well, kind of terrible. Our advice to him: Netflix.

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