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7 experiences your mom will appreciate more than flowers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the official day we devote to thanking our dear mothers. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation in 2015, the average person spent $173 on their moms for Mother’s Day, and most of that money was spent on flowers and cards.

Speaking as a mom, I do like getting flowers and cards from my boys, but flowers fade, and cards get recycled. If you’re thinking of getting Mom something different this year, consider giving her an experience she will remember forever.

1. Get cookin’!

Give Mom the day off from the kitchen. Whip up all her favorites, and serve them to her in bed or in a comfy place she likes to hang out. Make sure to clean up your mess when you’re finished — she shouldn’t have to clean kitchen messes either.

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2. Day-off pass

Moms crave alone time — probably because it’s something they don’t get a lot of. Give mom a day-off pass she can use in the future for a day of much-needed alone time.

3. Spa time

Let Mom know you care about her (mental!) well-being, and book her a spa treatment. Even if it’s just a mani/pedi, facial or massage, she’ll love being pampered. If you can’t afford to send her to a spa, then bring the spa to her. Even if you just do her nails, she’ll appreciate all the attention.

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4. Luxurious hotel stay

You don’t need to send your mom on an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris, far away from home pampering. Book her a suite for a night or two at your local Embassy Suites by Hilton for a mini vacation. She’ll get spoiled by the spacious rooms she doesn’t have to clean, and a free, made-to-order breakfast she doesn’t have to cook. Plus, she can relax by the pool and get well-deserved rest in a comfy bed. Consider joining her on one of the nights for some one-on-one time.

5. Take her to a show

Is there a play or a musician Mom has always wanted to see? Take her to a show, and spend an evening with her. This is a fun way to bond with your mom while having a night out on the town. Or let her pick out a movie rental, and watch it together at home with a bunch of snacks.

6. Clean the house

How about you give Mom the day (or week) off from cleaning? Tidy up the house, do a few loads of laundry, and sweep the floor. Believe me, moms everywhere love spending time in a clean house — especially one that wasn’t cleaned by them.

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7. Art or DIY classes

Is your mom crafty or interested in learning a new skill? Sign her up for a class! This is another way to give her time off by doing something fun.

Moms love us for who we are; let them know how much we love them too. A simple hug and a “thank you” go a long way.

This post was sponsored by Embassy Suites by Hilton.

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