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Stunning laminate countertops that will make you rethink natural stone

Jennifer Stagg

So, you’ve decided to remodel. It’s an exciting decision! Now comes the fun/stressful part — deciding on finishes without blowing your budget.

Both are easier said than done. I know — I’ve been through it more than once. With some planning, you can evaluate where to spend and where to save smartly, and there are some key products you can use to help you save big bucks, while giving the stunning result you’re looking for— including your countertops.

It’s no secret that I love the look of natural stone, but I also love finding ways to save money and meet realistic budget goals on a project. Stone alternatives have come a long way in recent years. Some of the alternatives are beautiful, durable and practical at a fraction of the cost. I was so impressed with Formica® Brand’s options, including 180fx® by Formica Group and Formica® Laminate.

Image: Formica Group

If you want the look of stone like I do but are worried about the upkeep, 180fx® by Formica Group has some great options. Not only is laminate easy to clean and care for, but it looks great too. The 180fx line by Formica Group laminate provides the look of real exotic stones and woods without the premium price. I particularly love the Café Azul (shown above), Calacatta Marble and Strata Olympico. The movement in the pattern looks natural and the color tones are beautiful. Any of them would be perfect in a kitchen, a bathroom or even atop some built-in shelves to add a touch of stone in an otherwise white space.

Image: Formica Group

Formica® Laminate has an impressive color range. I’m a Jonathan Adler superfan so I geeked out a bit when I saw that he has a collection in this line. The grasscloths are swoon worthy. How cool would it be on some built-in shelving or possibly a custom desk? Additionally, I think the solid colors would be great for a modern kitchen or bathroom or possibly a laundry space.

Image: Formica Group

All Formica laminate comes standard with EliteForm technology, for a durable surface that holds up to all of life’s messes… like a dog or kid who decides to challenge your counter. Durability is so important in a countertop, especially if you have a bustling family running around like me! Marble can stain, granite can crack and harbor germs. If you fear any of these things, Formica laminate could be a great solution for you! The best part is it’s incredibly affordable, starting as low as $14 per square foot installed.

Save on countertops, and splurge on the appliances you’ve always wanted. It’s a win for your budget and your style.

This post is sponsored by Formica® Brand and SheKnows.

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