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Blogger gets unbelievable comments on Instagram for her arm hair (PHOTO)

Mum-of-four Courtney Adamo, who is currently taking a gap year around the world with her husband and children, has caused a stir with one of her Instagram travel snaps.

For a completely ridiculous and laughable reason. 

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Some of Adamo’s 148,000 followers have decided to criticise the 35-year-old blogger for not shaving. But she’s not sprouting boob-length armpit hair or a thick covering on her legs. Nope, the hair in question is on her forearms.

And it’s soft, blonde and really rather lovely. See?

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One commenter called it “gross” while another admitted she would avoid a “hairy” photo of herself, saying: “I don’t hide it or erase it. But I also don’t highlight it on social media. And I would forgo a pic because of it.”

“Is it that hard to shave your hands? At least laser the hair off. Just a suggestion. I hope you don’t take it as offensive. Your arms would look much smoother and feminine,” was another ridiculous suggestion.

Many of Adamo’s followers complimented her photo and slammed the haters for their cruel comments. One woman was even inspired by the conversation to stop removing her own arm hair.

“Thank you for this post. I too have a lot of arm hair but I’ve been removing it for half my life. I’ve decided to stop,” she wrote.

In response to the remarks, Adamo — mother to children Easton, Marlow, Quin and Ivy with husband Michael — told MailOnline: “The global nature of social media means that women are subject to not only our own society’s peculiar standards of beauty but the entire world’s. Arm hair is just the latest to pop up. It’s not something I’ve ever cared about (I took the offending picture after all). Some women may think it’s ‘gross’, but hey, that’s what makes the world go round…”

‘It never occurred to me that people would shave their arms,” Adamo added. “Okay, I know Olympic swimmers do, but…! Frankly, I don’t feel insecure at all about them. This is how they look.

“Don’t we already have enough pressure on us to meet society’s arbitrary standards of beauty? Why are we encouraging (or more accurately, pressuring) each other to have more insecurities?”

When it comes to picking flaws in someone these Instagram users are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Enough already.

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