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Massive water fight is happening in London in May

At 2 p.m. on May 1, there’s only one place you need to be — London.

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We can’t tell you exactly where, as it’s still a big secret, but the city is the location of a huge water fight being organised to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of summer.

Nobody can promise summer will actually arrive that day — or at all, in fact — but who cares when there are intergalactic-themed water-based “shenanigans and tomfoolery” to be enjoyed.

The event theme is “The Gardeners Guide To The Galaxy” and it’s all thanks to the Secret Garden Party, which will be handing out prizes for the best space-themed costumes of the day.

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Those aren’t the only prizes up for grabs, because competitors will be divided into two teams to battle it out with their Super Soakers and water bombs for the UWFC (Universal Water Fight Championships) title.

As far as May Day traditions go, a massive water fight doesn’t appear anywhere in the history books. But it’s way more fun than dancing around a maypole, right? The closest water-related custom is for girls to make a special point of washing their faces in the dew of the early morning, in order to make them beautiful for the following year. Pah — who cares about being beautiful when you can act like a big kid and play with a water pistol?


Keep an eye on the Secret Garden Party’s Facebook page as they reveal more details of the event.

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