Meet the man who's turned Photoshopping into a biting comment on society

Mar 24, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. ET

We've all had a moment when we wished we had the skills to Photoshop an ex-lover or frenemy out of our pictures and there is a skilled graphic designer who will do all of this for you — but his edits are attracting attention for doing things a little differently.

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James Fridman invites people to send him their pictures on Twitter so that he can put his Photoshopping skills to good use but his terms and conditions (which include granting him permission to the rights of his image and to manipulate it as he wishes) may make you realise that the finished product is not going to be exactly as expected.

With over 103,000 followers on Twitter Fridman has gathered quite a fan base. The thing is everything is not always what it seems.


The online response to Fridman's images is that they're pretty funny — Fridman interprets the photographs in a completely different way to what the sender asks for. But if you cut beyond the obvious, you realise that he's actually making an important comment on modern society — in this case how we fear responsibility.

His edits also make a thought-provoking observation on our image-obsessed society and how so much importance is attached to looks when it really shouldn't be.

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Fridman's interpretations remind us to love ourselves exactly as we are, to be confident in our skin and not become obsessed with the images portrayed in the media. Like the young girl who asked Fridman for blonder hair and bigger lips, you may not look like a Kardashian but that doesn't make you any less beautiful or worthy of love and admiration.

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Fridman's work is going viral because it's making people laugh but do his edits serve a more important purpose? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.