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6 videos that will transform how you think about feminism

#Femvertising ads globally are getting their girl on. Remember Always’ “Like a Girl” ad? Sports England’s “This Girl Can” ad? Pop culture icons are also abuzz with the good word, feminism. Queen Bey famously shimmied in front of a backdrop with the word “Feminism” emblazoned on the set. And Lena Dunham has a whole lifestyle brand that’s blown up based on her brand of “zero effs to give” feminism.

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But what does it really mean to be an everyday feminist in 2016? Can guys be down? What about stay-at-home moms? Strippers? What about people besides old white ladies? Don’t act like you did NOT think of that when I said feminist. I say what you’re thinking. You can kindly thank me now and yes, dear, you’re welcome.

With that in mind, SheKnows Media and Ms. Foundation launched a video contest for #TheFWord, inviting anyone with a passion and a camera to show us what #TheFWord — feminism — means to them. And we were blown away by the creativity of the 100+ 3-minute videos submitted from women (and men!) of all ages, races and points of view. This week, we invite you to choose a winner among our six finalists.

We combed through our Rolodex to find an impressive group of judges to dig through all of the entries. Who are these judges, you ask? Oh, you know, people like:

Connie Britton (star of Nashville, Friday Night Lights), Franchesca Ramsey (writer, actress, video blogger on Chescaleigh Comedy & MTV’s Decoded), Michael Skolnick (civil rights activist), Teresa Younger (president & CEO, Ms. Foundation), Alexandra Posen (artist & co-founder, Zac Posen),  Tonya Lewis Lee (producer, entrepreneur, writer), Matt McGorry ( How to Get Away with Murder, Orange is the New Black) , Laura Benanti  (She Loves Me (Broadway), Supergirl, Nashville), Shiri Appleby (UnREAL, Girls), Jamia Wilson (executive director, Women, Action & the Media), Cristina Escobar (Director of Communications, The Representation Project), and Salt N Pepa and Spinderella. Yes.You read that right. Now, push it.

Push it real good and vote for the six finalists who made it through a vetting process tougher than an overnight in the woods with Bear Grylls. Voting starts today at noon EST and ends April 3, and you can vote for one video per day of the voting period. Use your voice. I’d let you borrow mine, but see, I need it.

And now (drumroll) the nominees for best usage of #TheFWord in a video contest (open imaginary envelope, rustle papers):


1. “The F Word” – Mashuq Deen

Shout-out to the fellas for submitting this contest! A coming-of-age story of a transgender male’s journey to feminism.

2. “Peighton” – Kevin Brooks

A brave young girl’s origin story spun through the powerful narrative of an elder as she battles to become her true self.

3. “Same Fight” – Anne Troup

This feminist song performance starring “Diana” has me all up on the train singing “We do equal work, we NEED equal pay.” And not caring about who stares at me. I’m pitchy — so WHAT!

4. “The Talk” – Lauren Schacher & Nico Raineau

A comedy about having “the talk” with kids. No — not the one about the birds and the bees! This one is about the hes and the shes!

5. “This Part of Me” – Alex Regalado

The theme? Women are more than a series of parts and that feminism is a unifier. Well… alrightttt!

6. “Twist Endings” – Zanzibar Moore

This film pairs the expected and with the unexpected together to create a memorable story about feminism by turning stereotypes upside down like a tasty pineapple cake.

Honorable mention:

1. “Do Over” – Sarah Phillips

Two women get all back to the future on us and “do over” different scenarios with men.

2. “F-That Spray Commercial” – Saeed Selvam

A very cool parody on a very hot topic. Get your laugh on! (Missy Elliot voice).

3. “Feminism: Your Personal Sanity Savior“- Kathleen Wallace

What in the world is an evagilist? And who is Sister Mary Beyonce? And what can they do for you? I don’t have all the answers, darling. But this video answers those three questions with a heavy dash of hot sauce. I mean humor.

4. “How I Became a Feminist” – Megan MacKay

This comic takes us down her road to becoming a feminist, without tripping over the cracks in the proverbial road.

5. “I Give An F” – Rachel Rosenthal and Katy Berry (Co-creators)

Who gives an F? WE DO. This original hip hop song, by comedians Rachel Rosenthal and Katy Berry, explains why feminism is not a dirty word. Also featuring DJ EcoTone.

6. “Letter” – Jan Angeline Parayno

This charmer uses story to connect with elders and youth surrounding a hope for a more femtastic future. How? Jan writes a letter about feminism to her future self.

7. “Teaching Matilda the F Word” – Emily Pardy

Six-year-old Matilda gets real about what feminism means to her. What does she plan to do if she’s president one day? Gotta watch to find out, friends!

Watch the videos and vote for your favorite from now until April 3 at #TheFWord.

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