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Innovative bikini bottoms make it possible to swim while wearing a maxi pad

Brands like Thinx have turned the phrase “period underwear” from a negative to a positive with cute panties that allow you to forego tampons, pads or menstrual cups.

But one company, PantyProp, has taken period undergarments to the next level with its line of swim bottoms that have a hidden spill-proof panel that allows you to wear a pad while you’re in the water.

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While these bottoms aren’t meant to replace traditional feminine hygiene products, they do allow you to wear pads if you’re worried about tampon pain or failure.

“Swimming on your period is very safe,” the company writes on its website. “In fact, when you dip yourself in water, generally your menstrual flow may temporarily stop due to pressure.”

This is not always the case because “if you cough, sneeze or laugh the pressure will change and your menstrual flow may start to come out in the water” and that’s where the PantyProp underwear comes in handy.

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That said, you can’t stay in the water too long, otherwise you risk oversaturating your pad. “Discard the soaked pad immediately after leaving the water and apply a new sanitary pad,” PantyProp adds on its product page.

They’re super cute, too, with styles ranging from a solid black bottom, a zig-zag pattern and two floral designs — all styles that can be easily paired with a swim top of your choice.

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